How To Tell If A Guy Likes You? 14 Signs Proving That He’s Into You

Has anyone caught your eyes and made you wonder if he likes you back? 

For guys, not only the shy ones, it can be hard to admit that he likes you. Sometimes they just want to wait for obvious signals to take action. But what if it’s the same thing you’re doing? 

since only 7% to 10% of communication is delivered with words, we have a lot to dig for the rest 90%. 

If you are itching for the answer whether he likes you more than a friend, it’s time to start looking at his body languages and the way he behaves around you.

Here are 14 subtle signs that a guy likes you. If he lands on most of them, he’s really into you. 

14 non-verbal signs that a guy likes you more than a friend

4 secret body languages that expose his affection

Body language is the most obvious proof that he’s fallen for you. These 4 body languages are surefire signs that he likes you.

Sign #1: He leans towards you in conversations

How to tell if he's fallen for you? Here are 14 subtle but undeniable signs that he likes you -

It’s a human nature to get close to someone we love and trust. If you two are talking side by side, and he leans his body towards you a lot, this is a pretty solid sign that he likes you more than a friend.

Sign #2: He “expands” himself when you are around

If you see your guy straightens his back and stretches his arms when he sees you, he’s trying to make himself bigger and attract your attention. 

This kind of behavior is often referred to as peacocking.

If he’s instinctively doing it while looking at your direction, it’s very likely that he finds you attractive and wants your attention in return.

Sign #3: He orients his body towards you

If a guy likes you, he will subconsciously face himself in your direction. Even in a room full of people, you will find him angles himself towards you, making it easier for you to spot him in the crowd.

How to tell if he's fallen for you? Here are 14 subtle but undeniable signs that he likes you -

On the contrary, if he’s not into you, you may find him turning away even when you two are close to each other. If that happens a lot between a couple, it’s a big red flag of a potential breakup.

Sign #4: The small touches

Have you ever found a guy touching your arm or putting his hand on your shoulder from time to time? These small touches may seem random, but they are actually an unobvious sign of attraction.

How to tell if he's fallen for you? Here are 14 body language signs he likes you -

When we touch someone, our brain releases oxytocin, often regarded as “the cuddle hormone”. It makes us feel loved and less stressed in social settings.

When a guy is into you, he will want more of you. Mild physical contacts like a touch are showing his desire of getting close to you.

3 non-verbal love indicators you can read from his face

Sign #5: He raises his eyebrows when seeing you

14 signs a guy likes you but is too afraid to tell -


Across cultures, the eyebrow raise is one of the most typical signals of interest. Research has proven that men lift their eyebrows when they see someone attractive.If a guy has a crush on you, he may raise his brows when seeing you walk into the room. It’s almost like his face brightens up because of your presence.If you are dating a guy and his eyebrow raises whenever you talk, he’s intensely engaged in the conversation and enjoys your company.

Sign #6: He’s showing you the ear-to-ear grins

14 signs a guy likes you but is too afraid to tell -

Smiling is a pretty obvious sign of happiness. But smiles can be faked to hide negative emotions as well. So how to tell if he likes you from the way he smiles?

If he’s smiling a lot with his mouth wide-open and showing almost all the teeth, then he’s really enjoying the moment with you. His facial muscles around the eyes will also move along when he smiles.

So if he’s smiling much more frequently with you than with anyone else, there’s a great possibility that he’s into you.

Sign #7: He bites or licks his lips a lot

14 signs a guy likes you but is too afraid to tell -


You may have experienced the same thing: when you meet someone you love, your mouth gets dry, your throat seems to tighten up and your lips get chapped. 

It’s common for our mouth to dehydrate when feeling nervous. Our brain tries to “fix it” by licking and biting more on the lips.

If you spot him unknowingly licking his lips multiple times on a date, there’s a great chance that he’s trying to impress you and it gets on his nerves.

Sign #8: He compliments you a lot

A guy doesn’t compliment others for no reason. If he likes you, he will want you to feel appreciated.If he adores you even compliments you for your intelligence, generosity or other qualities, that means he is making an effort to reach out and get closer.

Sign #9: He’s secretly observing you

14 signs shy guys likes you more than a friend -


If you ever caught him looking at you when you glance at his direction, there’s a great chance that he is into you. Secret peeks are one of the undeniable signs that he likes you.

Whether he is introverted or extroverted, a guy that likes you will always observe and study your reactions.

It’s also the same thing when you are hanging out with the same group of friends. If you are the first one he looks at right after he tells a joke, he may be trying to get your attention and know how you feel.

Sign #10: He does harmless pranks on you

How to know if a boy likes you?


14 signs guys likes you more than a friend -


Remember the boys sitting behind you in kintergarden who pulled your ponytail every day? That is how they try to get your attention.

Unfortunately, as guys grow up, their tricks stay almost the same. So if he harmless pranks on you or making small jokes about you, maybe he’s trying to get your attention.

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However, if he’s into you, he will never try to hurt you physically or mentally. If he continues to do so knowing that you are not happy about it, stay away. No one wants to date someone that shows signs of a narcissist

Sign #11: He mirrors your movements

Mirroring is a primal way of building connections with another individual. We are more at ease with people like us. That’s why we’ll tend to replicate what others do in order to drop their guards down.

If he’s into you, you may find him walking at the same pace as you or mimicking your tone while speaking. He may also pick up his cup and take a sip right after you you do. 

Mirroring is not only a sign he likes you more than a friend, but it’s also a green flag of a healthy relationship. So if he’s acting exactly like you, congratulations. He’s totally falling for you.

Sign #12: He remembers the details about you

One of the signs that a guy likes you is his attention to your little changes. From a new outfit to a different color of nail polish, every little detail of you is IMPRINTED in his head.

When he starts a conversation praising your new look, don’t be too surprised when he asks you out tonight!

If you like a guy, it is not difficult to remember his favorite color or baseball team. For guys, it’s the same.

They will never forget about your favorite dessert, your cat’s name or your weekend hangouts.

And who knows, he may just show up with the donuts you adore just to surprise you.

Sign #13: He spies on your availability

Sometimes he may not straight-up ask if you have a boyfriend or not, especially when he’s trying to hide his crush on you.

Instead, he may ask you about your daily routine or your plans for Friday night just to have a clue on your availability.

So let him know if you are single and if he’s brave enough, he may just ask you out.

Sign #14: He’s trying to engage in small talks

One of the crushing signs that guys confirm is the extra efforts. If he’s the one that initiates conversation almost every time, it is very positive that he likes you more than a friend.

So how much has he scored?

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