Guys Reveal 7 Surefire Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

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How to tell if he likes you more than a friend? These guys have spoken up.

Guys can be pretty vague in their intentions. Does a normal “hangout” mean something more than that? We’ve talked about subtle signs that a guy is into you. 

But what could be more appropriate than to have guys answer the question? 

Redditor zanna0123 did exactly the same thing.

And here are 7 surefire signs he likes you more than a friend, from guys’ perspective.


How to tell if he’s into you?

He stands closer to you (than to others)

Body language can be a subtle sign of a crush. If you are not paying enough attention, you may just completely skip the hint.


If you spot him standing closer to you than to others, or always lean to you while you talk, it can be a strong love indicator.

Personally, they stand a lot closer. Like, really close. Also, they seek you out more often to talk. Did they come over to ask what you’re doing for the 20th time today? I’ve got a crush.


He smiles a lot when you are around

When a guy is truly crushing on you, there’s no way of hiding that joy. A genuine smiling or laugh is how he expresses affection.


If that happens a lot, he definitely likes you more than a friend.

“Ah I smile a lot. An obvious hint is the way I look, I have light brown almond shaped eyes and I make sure they notice them, after some conversation they bring up that they like the way I look, etc, so I think it works.”


He’s being awkward


Shy guys drop hints differently when he’s into you. He may not ask you out or talk to you so often like other guys do.

But if he’s being completely awkward or weird around you, chances are he has a crush on you but is hiding it.

I am an awkward, mumbling, clumsy mess when I’m around a girl I like. I will stand too close, I will never know what to say, make too much or too little eye contact, I can barely control the inflections in my voice, I blush, and I can’t stand still.

He make jokes, like a lot

Light-hearted jokes and harmless pranks are often secret crush indicators for boys in school.

But some guys never grow out of it. Even for an adult, If he’s into you, he may also make fun of you, prank on you, just to catch your attention.

I used a lot of bullying jokes before giving a compliment. I’m a type of a funny asshole, I think that who I am, but I notice that it was a way more obvious if I like the girl.


He shares with you

Sharing, as well as other acts of kindness, is how we bond with people we care about. But you may be asking: is he into me or just being nice? The answer? If he’s treating you differently than the others, your relationship is on the bright side.


If he shares something with you that he won’t with anyone else, that has a lot to tell. 

24-year-old male here; If I share my food with you, I obviously have a crush on you. I never share my food with anyone. If I offer you to buy a drink in a bar that’s a big step for me, my confidence is like my wallet at the end of the night…empty.

– joeblowglow

When he gives you the player 1 controller.


He makes eye contact 

We talk with our eyes, which makes eye contact the best way to tell if a guy likes you.

If you catch him peek on you or search for you across the room, you are getting on his mind for sure.

I’d say eye contact is probably the first main giveaway for me. And I mean totally over-the-top eye contact.

If I like you, you’re probably going to catch me looking at you 3 or 4 times. From across the room. It’ll be blatantly obvious because I’ll have to turn my head to look at you.


He makes extra efforts

Does he always try to find a topic to talk with you? Does he send you text messages asking random things?


If a guy likes you, he makes efforts to connect. 

On the contrary, if he seldom replies your text, or respond to you in any way, he may not be into you.

If I’m constantly trying to make plans with you and talking to you almost every day. There’s a 99% chance I have a crush on you.


So here are the surefire signs a guy likes you (more than a friend).

Have you picked up any hints? Leave us a comment down below!

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