5 Signs That You Are Dating A Narcissist (and you better run)

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He’s charming. He’s talkative. He’s confident and all girls around seem to be staring.

And he keeps telling you how beautiful you are and how much he falls for you.

He would bring you gift occasionally and pay you some “surprise” visits. The appeal, the charisma and the intimacy seem surreal and you are starting to tell yourself: “How lucky I am to be with him.”

Seems like you are dating a perfect guy, but are you? 

That’s why dating a narcissist can be horrifying, it all starts in a perfect bubble. But when it cracks, it cracks bad.

Here are some warning signs of dating a narcissist. If you hit some of them, you should really think about getting away ASAP.

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1. They are always right

Narcissists never second-guess their own behaviors. The “If it’s good for me, then it’s right” mindset is deeply rooted in their genes.

If you find yourself sucked in unwinnable fights with your partner, and they are always putting you at guilt even when you are not doing anything wrong, you may be dating a somewhat narcissist.

“When you ask them, ‘Why did you just take Joe’s redbull out of the breakroom fridge and drink it?’ and their answer is a 100% genuine, honest, and confused, ‘…because I wanted it?’ with zero humor or sarcasm. ” – AngrySmapdi via Reddit

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2. The One Man Show

Have you ever known someone who could talk about himself and brag all day without giving a damn about how others feel?

Narcissists usually lack empathy.

Instead, they feel like they are the center of the world and worth all the privileges and attention.

“My dad got my mom a cake from the store for mothers day. However, it was a cake she didn’t like, but which he did; it wasn’t an actual gift or act of celebration, but an excuse to buy himself cake and pretend it was selfless of him…

When the list of shit like that is several hundred times a year, you’re probably dealing with a narcissist…There’s no such thing as a two person conversation, and their actions quickly reveal that others (and their wellbeing) are not any form of priority.”

– Audacious531 via Reddit

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3. Sugar-coating control freak

Narcissists enjoy the feeling of manipulating others, even their Significant Other or family members.

To do that, they will convince you of their love and good intentions.

They make you feel bad about getting mad or doubting their decisions over you.

“They will massage your ego. ‘No one cares about you like I do” or “Those others fake caring about you.’ Then the hook: ‘But I need to know you care about me, too.'” – billbixbyakahulk via Reddit

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4. The blame game

Signs of dating a narcissist can be hard to spot when things go well.

But if the one you are dating always call himself a victim of other’s plot, and how others get “jealous” and set him up, then you dear, should be ringing the bells.

“Narcissists cannot separate themselves from others, everything everyone does is specifically about them or targeted at them.”

– Kricketts_World via Reddit

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5. Your instincts tell you so

Compared you to yourself before meeting him. Were you happier? Were you more confident? Were you feeling better, more energetic and less self-doubting? 

Sometimes your instincts know better. If you feel emotionally drained being with him, leave him. 

It is your heart warning you of a potential narcissist.

To sum up...

The best way to deal with your relationship when you find out your partner is a narcissist is to leave him, before he mentally drags you down to a self-loath swirl.

We all deserve to love someone that values who we truly are and inspire us to thrive.

It may not worth the time and energy trying to “change”  a narcissist.

Clear the toxic person and energies out of your life so you have room for the better.

For a narcissist to improve himself psychologically, he will need professional help and plenty of effort.

Find out more about dealing with a narcissist in this video below:

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