53 Best Halloween Couple Costumes

Ready to steal the spotlight of Halloween parties? These Halloween couple costumes will have everyone spellbound.

Who doesn’t love Halloween? The spooky decorations, trick-or-treating, and hauntingly delicious Halloween snacks all come together to create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

But what truly sets this holiday apart is the opportunity to unleash your creativity through costumes. For couples, it’s a chance to showcase their bond in a uniquely captivating way.

So if you are looking for Halloween couple costume ideas to glam up with bae, we have you covered. From classic movie characters, ethereal vampires, and scary zombies to last-minute easy DIY outfits, you’ll find spooktacular inspiration in this post.

Spooktacular Halloween couple costumes

Hot and scary Halloween couple costumes

Little red and the Wolf Halloween couple costumes

Little red and the Wolf Halloween couple costumes

No one is expecting the fairy tale to turn out this way. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf together make for a twisted but cute Halloween couple! The combination of innocence and danger creates an intriguing dynamic leaving everyone in awe.

Mummy couple

Mummy Halloween couple costumes by @privallonefotografia


These mummy couple costumes rewrite the phrase “til death do us part” and show that love can be immortal… or at least wrapped in layers of ancient bandages!

Chucky and his bride

Chucky and his bride Halloween couple costumes by @rachelanne_official


Looking to add some evil energy to your Halloween? These matching spooktacular couple costumes will send chills down everyone’s spines in the most delightful way.

Scary Mickey and Minnie

Scary Mickey and Minnie Halloween couple costumes by @giozombiegrrrl


What a scary twist to the Disney classic! These terrifying Mickey and Minnie costumes will refresh your idea about the beloved characters. With their menacing grins and eerie costumes, this nightmarish couple is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who encounters them.

Killer doctor and nurse

Scary doctor and nurse couple costumes by @giulianatiofficial


They are the medical professionals you want to avoid at all costs. The giant syringe and the blood stains everywhere all suggest that something horrible has happened here. Their presence alone sends shivers down the spine, creating an atmosphere of a crime scene that will be hard to match.

Pennywise and Georgie

Pennywise and Georgie couple costumes by @alyssarberman


Although she’s not wearing a full white clown face, her iconic Pennywise makeup suggests that she’s not to be messed with. The carefully placed red lines, the menacing smile, and the hauntingly intense eyes capture the essence of the terrifying clown. With Georgie by her side, their couple costume becomes even more chilling.

Correctional officer and inmate

Prison guard and inmate Halloween couple costumes by @njlucantoni07


If you are hunting for a simple yet badass costume idea, this one may just be perfect for you. The super hot officer outfit and the classic orange jumpsuit all scream rebellion and mischief.

Puppet and puppet master

Ventriloquist and his puppet Halloween couple costumes by @britt_true


Puppets always give an eerie vibe, and what better way to embrace the spookiness of Halloween than by dressing up as a ventriloquist and his puppet? This couple costume idea is a perfect combination of creativity and creepiness.

Ice King and Queen

Ice King and Queen Halloween couple costumes by @burxyel


These Ice King and Queen Halloween costumes are literally cool to the core. The best part? If you have matching white outfits, add a pair of frosty crowns, and you are ready to dominate the town.

Harley Quinn and Joker

Harley Quinn and Joker Halloween couple costumes by @ayka.cin_


A Halloween is not complete without this villain duo! With Harley Quinn’s playful yet deadly charm and Joker’s twisted and unpredictable nature, you’ll bring explosive energy to any party.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween couple costumes

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween couple costumes by @francie.mua_


They are ready to bring the nightmare to the party! Jack and Sally make an unbeatable Halloween couple costume with their distinct looks, Jack’s skeletal figure, and Sally’s patchwork dress. Their unique love story also adds a touch of romance to the frightful festivities.

The Munsters Halloween couple costumes

The Munsters Halloween couple costumes by @fit_and_nerdy_cosplay


Elegant yet vampy, hilarious but spooky, The Munsters bring contradictions and fun to Halloween.
If you are ready to paint your face green, this couple costume idea will allow you to embody the unique charm and humor of the characters and create a memorable Halloween experience.

Dexter Morgan and his victim

Dexter Morgan and his victim Halloween couple costumes by @jeniraitz


Whether you’re a fan of the hit TV show or just love a dark and twisted twist on couples costumes, this pairing is sure to be a cut above the rest.

Werewolves Halloween couple costumes

Werewolves Halloween couple costumes by @me.orwhatever


Werewolves are so captivating for a reason. Their mesmerizing, untamed look and the rich folklore behind them make them the perfect Halloween couple costume idea for those who want to embrace their inner wildness.

Spooky doctor and his patient

Spooky doctor and his patient Halloween couple costumes by @mikhailmatorra


This spooky doctor and his patient are absolutely killing it with the details they put into their costumes. The meticulously wrapped bandages, stethoscope, and eerie markings all imply a surgery gone wrong.

Maleficent and Dracula

Maleficent and Dracula Halloween couple costumes by @lilou.in_.neverland


Who would have thought these two can be a match to die for? The spellbinding combination of Maleficent and Dracula is pure dark magic!

The striking contrast between Maleficent’s dark fairy tale vibe and Dracula’s suave vampire persona creates an irresistible duo that commands attention.

Creative last-minute Halloween couple costumes

Two friendly ghosts

Two friendly ghosts Halloween couple costumes by @kensifearing.photos


Another simple approach to Halloween couple costumes. Dressing up as two friendly ghosts requires almost no preparation except two white sheets. This classic costume idea is not only easy to put together but also instantly recognizable.

Men In Black

Men In Black Halloween couple costumes by @jossalm


Looking for a last-minute couple costume idea that doesn’t suck? Dressing up as the iconic Men in Black is the answer! With their sleek black suits and classic sunglasses, you are ready to fight the next extraterrestrial crime.

Cookie and milk

Cookie and milk Halloween couple costumes by @everything.dee_


What a cute way of saying, “I can’t live without you.” These matching Halloween couple costumes are as sweet as cookies. Out of a bunch of spooky outfits, something as adorable as these might just steal the show.

Zombie pilot and flight attendant

Zombie pilot and flight attendant

Welcome on board a creepy journey! Get ready to experience a Halloween thrill like no other with this chilling couple. And the best part? You can get these costumes online easily. Just put on your best makeup, and you are done!

Ghostface from Scream

Ghostface Halloween couple costumes by @glammedbyvee


Scream is the absolute OG in the horror movie universe, with the Ghostface being its symbol. Dressing up as a Ghostface couple is not only a nod to the iconic film but also a guaranteed way to have people wonder about your real identity.

Simple pumpkin Halloween costumes for couple

Simple pumpkin Halloween costumes for couple by @kubanorek


Looking for a last-minute Halloween couple outfit? Wear your everyday clothes, put on a pumpkin on the head, and you are good to go.

Angel and Devil

Angel and Devil Halloween couple costumes by @hickersway21


Ready to bring a touch of heaven and hell to your Halloween party? This costume idea lets you playfully embody the age-old battle between good and evil while adding fun and flirtation to your Halloween festivities.

Super hot police couple

Super hot police couple by @chantinity


If you’re searching for the ultimate power-packed couple costume idea, look no further than this police couple. With matching uniforms that scream authority, you and your sweetheart will be the show-stoppers of any Halloween party.

Mario Brother and Princess Peach

Mario Brother and Princess Peach Halloween couple costumes by @danielagd27


He’s been running, jumping, and fighting all the way and finally got the girl. These Mario and Princess Peach costumes are the ultimate demonstration of courage and love.

With Mario’s iconic red hat and blue overalls, and Princess Peach’s elegant pink gown and golden crown, the outfits remind us that true love can conquer any obstacle.

Vampire couple costumes

Vampire couple costumes by @thibautmodeliaq


Vampires, the bloodthirsty beings of the night, are a timeless costume idea for Halloween. And the best part? You can turn almost any outfit into Vampire attire with fake fangs and some good makeup.

Harry Porter couple costumes

Harry Porter couple costumes by @mariannesides


We all agree that we need more magic for this special day. With robes, wands, and a touch of Hogwarts style, these Harry Porter couple costumes bring a dose of lighthearted magic to the Halloween festivities.

Jack o’-lanterns

Jack o'-lanterns Halloween couple costumes by @margotmeanie


If you want a classic, spooky, but family-friendly Halloween costume, nothing tops the jack-o’-lanterns. All you need is a pair of creatively carved pumpkins and two white sheets, and you are ready to haunt some houses.

King and Queen poker cards

King and Queen poker cards costumes by @dezleighh


Feeling lucky? These King and Queen poker cards are winning! With oversized card suits, regal crowns, and a touch of whimsy, you’ll stand out from the crowd and bring a dash of card game charm to the festivities.

The Light House

The Light House Halloween couple costumes by @yasminjohalx


This simple Halloween costume idea stands out without breaking the bank. Wake’s weathered sailor outfit and Winslow’s worn work clothes together create an authentic portrayal of the characters from “The Lighthouse.” If you are into the movie, these costumes are a must-have to pay homage.

Super cute Halloween couple costumes

Angelica and Captain Jack Sparrow

Angelica and Captain Jack

Time for some exotic vibes! These cute couple costumes allow you to channel your inner pirate and embrace the charm of the high seas.

Princess Bubblegum and Marceline

Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum and Marceline couple costumes by @rubylayne


Get ready to have your Halloween-loving mind blown because Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are the absolute Halloween couple goals.

From their contrasting personalities to their killer fashion sense, they bring the perfect blend of sweetness and spookiness that will make your heart skip a beat.

Leon and Mathilda

Leon and Mathilda Halloween couple costumes by @marialejaramillo


Halloween isn’t always about being scary. It’s also about unleashing your inner badass and embodying iconic characters. The Leon and Mathilda couple costume brings the 90s back in a fuss-free way.

With Leon’s sleek black suit and Mathilda’s edgy street style, it makes a perfect outfit choice for those who want to pay homage to a beloved film while keeping things simple yet impactful.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cinderella and Prince Charming Halloween couple costumes by @mayaangelart


Do you believe in fairytales? Dressing up as Cinderella and Prince Charming for Halloween is the perfect way to bring a touch of romance to the spooky day. These characters symbolize love, hope, and happily ever afters, showcasing the couple’s commitment to each other.

Greek God and Goddess

Greek God and Goddess Halloween couple costumes by @elena_ele_98


What a heavenly couple costume idea! The togas, the wreath headpiece, and the sword all come together perfectly to create a divine aura of majesty.

Freddie Mercury and Janis Joplin

Freddie Mercury and Janis Joplin couple costumes by @chelseadixonschwabl


Get ready to rock the stage and bring the legendary music icons to life. With the iconic mustache of Freddie Mercury and the bohemian glow of Janis Joplin, this couple will steal the spotlight wherever they go.

Poison Ivy and Harely Quinn

Poison Ivy and Harely Quinn

Talking about the ultimate girl power couple here! When it comes to Halloween couple costumes, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are a match made in supervillain heaven. These iconic DC characters bring the best bad b*tch energies with their sass and style.

Crayon couple

A pair of crayons Halloween couple costumes by @sarahwells400mh


What a cute way of saying, “you bring colors to my life.” Dressing up as two crayons for Halloween is a delightful and lighthearted couple costume idea that will make everyone smile.

Oops, I did it again

Oops I did it again couple costumes by @living_by_lex


Who can forget Britney Spears wearing her iconic red jumpsuit in her hit “Oops, I Did It Again”? The short-lived romance between her and the astronaut in the music video makes these couple costumes a nostalgic and fun choice for Halloween.

Woody and Jessie

Woody and Jessie from Toy Story couple costumes by @agustina.tas13


Saddle up and get ready for a rootin’ tootin’ good time with this Toy Story couple costume idea! From Woody’s cowboy hat to Jessie’s cowgirl look, you’ll be the talk of the town. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or going to a costume party, these costumes will make you feel like part of the wild west.

Superman and Wonder Woman

Superman and Wonder Woman couple costumes by @domiwaffle


Looking to unleash your inner superhero power couple? Then these legendary characters are for you. Although they are not a pair in the DC universe, Superman and Wonder Woman as a couple is a power-packed costume option that captures power and chemistry.

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine Halloween couple costumes by @chrisgordert


Who’s up for some magic carpet ride? Whether you want to embrace your inner prince and princess or simply celebrate the enchantment of Disney, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are the ultimate couple costume choice.

The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen's Gambit costumes by @nataliamuchova


Ready to extend the charm of the hit TV show? These cute Halloween couple costumes allow you to be your most beloved genius, with bae being your pawn.

Switch controllers

Switch controllers Halloween couple costumes by @thecrystalavenue


How cute are these Switch controllers! If you are a DIY enthusiast, this playful costume idea will not only be a hit among gaming fans but also showcase your creativity.

Poseidon and Medusa couple costumes

Poseidon and Medusa couple costumes by @gabrielle.satterlee.sugg_


This couple costume idea is all about love and revenge, but with a splash of mythology! In the original story, Poseidon and Medusa had a complicated relationship that adds an intriguing twist to your Halloween ensemble. With his signature trident and her snake-covered hair, these mythical characters will make you the center of attention at any costume party.

Power Rangers

Power Rangers Halloween couple costumes by @madison_morin


Couples that fight crime together stay together. And what better way to showcase your teamwork than dressing up as Power Rangers for Halloween!

Whether you choose to be the Red and Pink Rangers, as shown above, or any other combination, you’ll bring a sense of fun and nostalgia to your Halloween celebrations.

Bob Ross and a canvas

Bob Ross and a canvas by @tittiesandlipstick


Ready to embrace your inner artist? This creative and fun couple costume idea will inspire everyone around you to tap into their artistic side.

Hobbit couple

Hobbit couple costumes by @hobbitparty


Embrace the charm and adventure of Middle-earth as you transform into these lovable and pint-sized characters. With cozy vests, curly wigs, and bare feet, you’ll capture the essence of hobbit life.

Sadness and Fear

Sadness and Fear Halloween couple costumes by @jossalm


Ready to bring some colors to Halloween? Sadness, with her iconic blue hue and teardrop, and Fear, with his purple skin and nervous facial expression, create a dynamic duo that showcases the complexities of our inner world.

Medusa and Zeus

Medusa and Zeus Halloween couple costumes by @laurenjparry


What a divine duo. Medusa and Zeus may not be considered a couple by many people. Still, they create an electrifying and unconventional pair that is sure to make an impact. Together, they embody power, intrigue, and a touch of danger that will captivate everyone’s attention.

Picture-perfect Halloween moment

Picture perfect Halloween moment by @thibautmodelia


To make a Halloween look shine, you need more than just the outfits. The makeup and the photograph setting also contribute to a lifetime of memories.

This couple shows us how all these elements can come together to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween experience that will be cherished forever.

Poseidon and Ariel

Poseidon and Ariel Halloween couple costumes by @chicsideofthecity


Ready to bring some waves to the party? Dressing up as Poseidon and Ariel for Halloween is a fantastic idea! Though technically, Poseidon is Ariel’s grandfather in Greek mythology, the creative twist allows you to have fun while adding your own spin to the story.

Shrek and Fiona

Shrek and Fiona Halloween couple costumes by @kaarinjoy


Shrek and Fiona are two beloved characters from Shrek that bring humor, charm, and romance to the party. With Shrek’s iconic layers of swamp attire, Fiona’s green gown, and fiery red hair, you’ll be ready to have everyone in stitches.

Which of these Halloween couple costumes is your favorite?

Or let us know who do you plan to dress up as this year! If you want more, check out these Halloween couple costume ideas or these free Halloween printables to decorate your haunted house!