6 Things You Should Know Before Casting A Love Spell

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Have you ever wanted someone so desperately that you wish you have the power of God to control everything? 

Well, there’s this one little trick, though not that powerful, can still do magic to help you get the one you want. 

And that is the Love Spell.

Love spells don’t work for everyone. As you may have already known. it’s a potentially “risky” love ritual.

So before diving into researching how love spells work, here are 6 things you should know.

Do you need a love spell?

Love spells have existed for thousands of years and were documented in books and records of Ancient Egypt, Europe and many different cultures. 

Mysterious as they are, love spells are in fact words, but in a specific formula or order. 

Both ancient and modern witches create spells to attract love, enhance desire or break a binding. 

Though love spells are still beyond explicable in science, hundreds of thousands of people are embracing this ancient ritual to get the partner they want, save a marriage or get their ex back.

Love spells may work for you if you want to:

  • Boost your attractiveness

  • Find your love of life

  • Cast out unwanted relationships

  • Attract one particular person

  • Reignite the sparks of marriage

6 things you should know about love spells

Before you jump start your Wiccan journey, you should understand that, just like every ritual, love spells are not invincible. It will only work when you do it right. 

Here are 6 things you have to know before casting a love spell.

1. You can do it yourself

While witches and casters may say that it is impossible to DIY the casting of a love spell, it is in fact doable. 

A love spell is an amplifier of your wish and you can learn to do it on your own if your intention is clear and your faith is strong. 

But make sure that you follow the following rules that will make sure the love spell work and keep you safe from its backfiring.

2. Faith is king

Love spells are for believers. 

Believe in what you want and what you are doing is with good intention. Never cast any spell out of curiosity. 

You should only do it when you need it to happen. You will almost feel like you are screaming your goal in your mind so loud that the universe can hear you.

3. It could backfire

It’s a common belief that what you wish for will get back at you eventually. 

If you are not casting your spell with a pure intention and a clear mind, there are risks that it may backfire and cause you unwanted consequences. 

To know more about how love spells can backfire, watch the video down below:

That’s why for every caster, newbie or veteran, protection is a must. You will need solid and strong shield to protect you from negative drawbacks.

Here are two common ways of setting up spell protection:

  • A salt bath: soak your negative energy away in a tub filled with warm water and some sea salt. It works better with Wiccan black salt.
  • Create a protective circle: Clean the floor (preferably with vinegar), draw a circle on it and sit down cross-leg in the centre. 

Start imagining energy channeling from your head all the way through your body and repeat the following spells for 3 times: I ask that the God and Goddess bless this circle so that I may be free and protected within this space so mote it be.

4. Timing matters

The best time of a day to cast a love spell is during sunset. 

It is also preferable to do it during new moon or waxing. At that time the energy is more condensed. Thus they would be more effective. 

Also, the moon waning may block the power from flowing to the right place, so it’s better to avoid spellcasting at that moment.

As for ladies, never cast a spell on your own during a period or in pregnancy. As your aura will then weaken, a spell may do more harm than good.

5. Clean your body and mind

Always come into a spell-casting with a clear mindset and a clean body. 

Remove your makeup or take a bath before. Soak your worries and fear away in that lukewarm water. 

If you are carrying negative energy with you when casting a spell, it may twist the ritual, and you might not get a desirable result.

While cleaning your body is easy, the tricky part is to remove the blockages in your mind that go against the spell. 

If you believe in the spell, but your subconscious mind rejects it, it’s not going to work. That’s why you may need divination.

Here’s a video explaining how divination works:

6. How To Find Qualified Spellcaster

If you want to learn how to cast a love spell that works safely, you can either do it yourself or have someone do it for you. 

As a beginner, we will recommend you to read the basics in this post or do some more research and have professional caster guide you into the ritual.

To find qualified spellcasters, Verified Spellcasters is a right place. 

The site rates casters according to testimonials. A setback is that you may need to do some more research or contact to the caster to know the details and pricing.

How to find qualified love spell caster online - Todaywedate.com

You can also go to Fiverr where prices are transparent and usually lower. Read their ratings and reviews before making the decision.

Here are a few promising love spell casters on Fiverr:

6. Love Spell Alternatives

For a love spell to work, you will need to be clear who you want to attract. 

But what if you don’t have a particular name in your head or you are just not sure for the side effect? 

There is something else you can use to attract love and affection – crystals

Crystals contains different power and healing properties. And it’s safer to practice crystal healing than casting a spell on your own. 

Rose quartz is one of the most powerful crystals that attract true love. So if you are tight on budget or just want to give it a try, wearing rose quartz can be ideal for you.


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