22 Stunning Summer Dress Outfits To Copy Right Now

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Summer never disappoints with its blooming colors. As the temperature rises, it’s time to give your wardrobe a summer makeover. 

Dresses are the perfect foundation for an effortless summer mix-and-match. Switch the accessories, try a different bag or change up the shoes and you’ll have a new perfect summer outfit.

We’ve gathered some of the best summer dress outfits to refresh your look and stand out. 

Whether you are looking for a stunning date night outfit or a laid-back weekend look, you’ll find your thing here.

22 Gorgeous Summer Dress Outfits To Steal Now

A cute black-and-white polka dot dress


image credit: @nicholeciotti

A girly pink and white striped dress


image credit: @waikeezy

An ocean-like gorgeous dress that feels like summer breeze


image credit: @vivaluxuryblog

A two-piece denim dress outfit

When in doubt, denim.


image credit: @myoutfitonline

A freshness of pure white

A white dress outfit will make you stand out from all the summer blooming colors.


image credit: @vivaluxuryblog

A short ruffle dress

That is as tasty as a piece of iced watermelon.


image credit: @prisprism

A floral embroidery mesh sleeve dress


image credit: @stephsa

A mint satin dress


image credit: @kiraatikova

A pink velvet embroidery dress


image credit: @stephsa

A show-stopping glittery dress


image credit: @jacimariesmith

An off-the-shoulder red outfit for the summer


image credit: @jacimariesmith

Back to the basics

There’s more to a gorgeous summer look than bright colors and floral prints. This long summer dress is perfect for a casual weekend date.  


image credit: @waikeezy

An eye-catching rosy ruffle dress


image credit: @vivaluxuryblog

A sleeveless striped dress outfit for summer

Looking for a summer beach dress to go on top of bikini? This red and white striped maxi dress is purely gorgeous.


image credit: @katyatolstova

All shades of white


image credit: @cmcoving

Strappy crop top paired with an elegant lemon maxi skirt

Time to take out your crop tops to paired with this maxi skirt. No more running out of summer outfit ideas.


image credit: @waikeezy

A charismatic wrap dress outfit for the beach


image credit: @annadanigelis

A floral print maxi skirt in screaming colors

What a cute outfit that works from spring through summer. Switch into your tank tops when temperature goes high. 


image credit: @alexismaymcmullin

A fun polka dot two-piece crop top maxi skirt

You don’t always need a bikini or mini-skirt to look hot and sexy. With this beach-appropriate crop-skirt combo, you will be the spotlight throughout your summer vacation.


image credit: @vivaluxuryblog

A stuning pink summer dress


image credit: @alexismaymcmullin

An asymmetric ruffle dress for your great summer escape

Flying abroad for the summer? This stunning yellow dress is perfect for a tropical island hopping trip.


image credit: @vivaluxuryblog

Maxi skirt with casual tank top


image credit: @alexismaymcmullin

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