25 Virtual Date Ideas For A Romantic Long-distance Christmas

When you are in a long distance relationship, joyful Christmas songs might just make you want to run and hide. 

Not being able to hug your sweetheart when the bell strikes is tough. Not being able to share a trifle is tough. Not having your SO to share the surprise of unwrapping gifts is tough. Damn, long distance relationship is tough.


That’s when the “additional efforts” should be made. Arranging Skype dinner dates, taking lots of selfies and sharing your holiday spotlights, these funny virtual dates can be a game-changer for a long distance Christmas.

We’ve gathered 25 romantic ways to spend a romantic Christmas with your Significant Other. If you don’t have one yet, consider putting the date ideas you love into your couple advent calendar. With a little extra efforts, you can make this Christmas as memorable as anyone else’s.

25 long-distance date ideas for Christmas

Wear matching Christmas outfit

Yes it’s super corny. But Christmas is the best time to set your corny genes free. Pick your Christmas couple outfits together online and have them sent separately. Take Instagram-worthy selfies that will make any normal couple jealous.

5,000 miles apart for Christmas doesn’t mean we’re not celebrating together : LongDistance


Pick photos for your couple year book

While the new year’s approaching, it’s now the best time to gather your photos together and make your own relationship year book. 

You can either print the photos out and DIY one. (Use card stock paper so you can keep it longer). Or order one online and make it a unique keepsake gift both of you can hold onto when feeling lonely.


Put together a care package and send them out on the same day

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Don’t know how to decorate your LDR care package or what to put inside? Here are some ideas.

Pick and cook the same recipe


Spending Christmas away from each other doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the tasty Christmas treats with bae.

With so many holiday recipes on Pinterest, you can easily find something that both of you will enjoy. 

To add some fun, start cooking at the same time and livestream via Skype. You’ll find out who is the clumsy rookie and who is Gordon Ramsey.

Take goofy online quizzes together

Make time for those dump quizzes on Buzzfeed and just laugh for the results that might not make sense at all!

Play online games together


Time to introduce your SO to your favorite games. Arrange some time and play Fortnight, Draw Something or any games to your liking. Have fun exploring different genres and enhance that team spirit at the same time.

Watch Christmas movies together

Use Rabbit or Together Tube to create a private room for just the two of you. 

Have no idea what to watch other than cat videos and Netflix? 

Here’s a list of the most popular Christmas movies:

Here's a free printable Christmas movies list to make sure you catch all the classics, and new Christmas movies your whole family will love!! via /thetypicalmom/


Play 20 questions

Think of something and write it down on paper. Have your SO ask questions which you can only answer with “Yes” or “No”. Let’s see who can get it right before using up 20 questions.

Scavenger hunt

Come up with a list of holiday items together. Each of you gets to choose 10 items and you’ll have a list to hunt for.

Photo safari

Challenge each other to take photos with any Christmas items like Christmas tree, a Santa or a reindeer and see who gets the best shots.


Order a surprise meal for each other


You can use either DoorDash or Uber Eats depending on where your SO is located.

Gift-wrapping challenge

Gorgeous handmade advent calendar - tiny wrapped boxes with little trinkets inside.


If you are wrapping your gifts anyway, why not make it a Christmas couple challenge? Wrap your gifts as creatively as you can and send pictures of the final products.

If you two can’t come up with a winner, ask the families to join the vote and spread the joy!

Plan your next trips together

Spend a night talking about travel plans, checking flights and investigating destinations. It will make things easier to have something to look forward to.

Don’t worry if you are not 100% certain about your coming schedule. Note down the bucket-list-worthy travel ideas in your bullet journal for the future:)

Create a festive emoji version of each other

Im a big head I know...   #selfie #memoji #emoji #shotoniphone #iphonex #barcelona #bcn #commute #tuesday #martes #workday #silly #smile


Have you tried the new memoji function on iOS 12? If not, this is the best chance to master it! Create a memoji for your sweetheart this Christmas and share with each other.

You can also do a voice over funny video using your memoji. Have no idea how this works? Watch this memoji tutorial down below:

Style each other

Preferably via Skype or FaceTime where you can show each other the closet. But it works with messages as well. Just take a picture of the available options and pick the Christmas outfit for each other.

Take a selfie of the chosen look and share it with bae. Or even better, photoshop the selfies in collage as you are actually by each other’s side.

DIY crafts

Homemade gifts are the best. Make something from scratch to surprise your SO.

Here are some easy DIY gift ideas to get a little crafty together via FaceTime or Skype. You can even have a friendly competition to see who’s a better DIYer.

Do an interview

There’s so much you can talk about via text and Skype.

If your conversations are starting to get a little repetitive, here is a list of LDR questions to ask your Significant Other. From funny to thought-provoking, you’ll find something for you and your sweetie.

Send each other Someecards

Pick some corny or hilarious Someecards to send to bae for a good laugh!

I miss you even when I'm not horny.


Customize Love Coupons for each other

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So you can have all the right reasons to ask for a back rub when you’re together.

Download the printable love coupon template here

Share handwritten quotes


Pick one of more of the quotes that speak your mind and write them down. Seeing the touching words handwritten by each other will bring you two closer.

Holiday karaoke

Record a song with Red Karaoke and send to your Significant Other. Challenge your sweetie to see who gets the higher tune. Or you can karaoke together using softwares like Sing Snap.

A virtual visit

Visit each other’s city with Google Street View and Skype share screen functio. You can take each other to the places you plan to go to during an actual visit. 

Local cafés, your go-to restaurants or just random places. It will fill up the emptiness of not having each other around during holiday season.

Draw each other


Relax Picasso. Perfection is not required here. Do it the way you love to surprise your sweetie.


New year couple resolutions

Any plans for the year to come? Maybe it’s starting a healthy habit together. Or video chat at least once a week? Write down things you plan to do together and stick to them.

Go out, have fun and share

Being in a long distance relationship doesn’t mean living your life isolated from the real world. Don’t miss out on all the awesome activities and fun parties Christmas has to offer. 

Don’t glue yourself to Skype or your phone 24/7. Go out and have fun! Remember to take a lot of selfies and share with bae so both of you can enjoy a double portion of holiday joy.

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