64 Awesome Stocking Stuffers For Him That Cost Less Than $20

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From husband to boyfriends, from dads to brothers and coworkers, here are the best unique and fun stocking stuffers for him.

Choosing gifts or Christmas stocking stuffers for him is like taking the leap of faith, every time, each year. 

While Christmas is just around the corner, and his stocking is half-empty half-full, you may need some new ideas that don’t repeat themselves.

So we’ve rounded up 64 stocking stuffer ideas for every guy on your list. And each of them cost less than $20. These stuffers might work perfectly as an individual Christmas gifts for your hubby or boyfriend too. No more worrying about breaking your holiday budget!

Now let’s check out these awesome and cheap stocking stuffers, shall we?

28 unique & smart stocking stuffers for men

28 unique smart stocking stuffer ideas under 20 todaywedate.com1

28 unique and smart stocking stuffers ideas todaywedate.com1

1. An Apple Watch charging dock that can also be an iPhone and iPad holder – Amazon

2. A pair of socks for pug lovers that may go well with your matching ugly sweaters– Urban Outfitters 

3. A self-help journal to cheer him up and to note down his New Year resolutions – Amazon

4. A dozen of smiley emojis that will put a smile on his face – Amazon

5. A pair of best-selling in-ear earphones for his daily commute or workout – Amazon

6. A file folder that allows him to organize his files by day – Amazon

7. A pair of knit tech gloves with touch-screen function that keeps his hands warm in winter – Urban Outfitters

28 unique and smart stocking stuffers ideas todaywedate.com2

8. A mug that shows its “true color” when it’s as hot as your man – Amazon 

9. A pair of socks for the diehard Star Trek fan – Amazon

10. A 6-feet iPhone cable that won’t break for just a few months – Amazon

11. A storage tin to replay traditional Christmas stockings and will literally keep him guessing – Amazon

12A book that will be his ammo for winning every beer-time chit-chatting – Target

13. A flask that contains just the right amount of philosophy – Urban Outfitters

14. A pop socket that’ll make you think “this is how a phone should be like in the first place” – Amazon

28 unique and smart stocking stuffers ideas todaywedate.com3

15. A rechargeable long-lasting E-lighter – Urban Outfitters

16. A notepad to write down great ideas and make them happen – Amazon

17. A mug to keep any unwanted convos away – Urban Outfitters

18. A set of skull spoons that adds some fun to tea time – Amazon

19. A pair of lazy-ass glasses that allows him to read books or his phone without bending the neck – Amazon

20. A hands-free phone holder to enjoy Netflix binge-ing to the fullest – Amazon

21. A white noise machine for better sleep – Amazon

22. A car headrest hook and no more grocery scattering all over the backseat – Amazon

28 unique and smart stocking stuffers ideas todaywedate.com4

23. A notebook any Star Trek lover will adore – Amazon

24. A bicycle repair kit that will be a life-saver when things happen – Uncommon Goods 

25. A wire clip to declutter his desktop – Amazon

26. An outlet shelf that keeps your small devices on the wall and frees your desktop space – Amazon

27. A beanie bottle stopper to add some holiday spirit to the table – Amazon

28. An ashtray that is just as lit as your guy – Urban Outfitters

11 personal care items to add to his Christmas stocking

11 personal care items to add to his stocking todaywedate.com2

11 personal care stocking stuffers ideas todaywedate.com1

1. Whitening toothpaste that brightens up his smile with freshness of mint – Urban Outfitters

2. A neck pillow that hugs him to sleep on business trips – Amazon

3. A set of facial care trio to cover his basic needs – Sephora

4. A lip balm to say goodbye to dry and clapped lips – Sephora

5. A resistant band that turns any space into his own gym – Target

11 personal care stocking stuffers ideas todaywedate.com2

6. An organic, non-GMO soap bar that fits all skin types – Urban Outfitters

7. Fresh and gentle face wash that won’t over dry his skin – Target 

8. A roller stick for muscle soreness relief – Amazon

9. A razor kit to replace his old ones – Target

10. An eye mask made with natural silk for the light sleepers – Amazon

11. A Himalayan salt wall lamp that purifies air and helps with stress – Amazon

12 fun Christmas stocking stuffer ideas

12 hilarious stocking stuffer ideas under 20 todaywedate.com3

12 fun stocking stuffers ideas todaywedate.com1

1. A soap to make America great again – Amazon

2. A board games of memes for GOT fans – Urban Outfitters

3. A fun Christmas card that will surprise him when opened – Etsy

4. A pop-up Christmas tree that the whole family will love – Amazon

5. A pair of socks because he’s better than “Gucci gang” – Urban Outfitters

6. A set of ancient puzzles that will keep him busy for a while – Uncommon Goods

12 fun stocking stuffers ideas todaywedate.com2

7. A spin-the-shots game to make it one of your winter date ideas when it’s cold outside – Urban Outfitters

8.100 conversation starters for couples so you’ll never run out of topics on date night – Amazon

9. A card game for pun lovers – Amazon

10. A pair of socks and the wine to come – Amazon

11. An Infinity Cube that beats stress and kills time – Amazon

12. A game to challenge his knowledge and is surefire for some laughters – Uncommon Goods

13 stocking stuffers for foodie or home cook

13 inexpensive stocking stuffers under 20 todaywedate.com4

13 stocking stuffers for foodies or homecook todaywedate.com1

1. A Thermos FUNtainer that keeps any home-cooked meals warm for lunch – Amazon

2. A cooker that makes boiling perfect eggs a stress-free and hands-free process – Amazon

3. A pack of hot sauce for those who can’t live without chilis and spices – Amazon

4. A chocolate grenade to bombard the sweet tooth – Amazon

5. Organic maple syrup that adds a little bittersweetness to his brunch in bed – Uncommon Goods

6. A spice kit to restore the old-time glory of pizza leftovers – Uncommon Goods 

13 stocking stuffers for foodies or homecook todaywedate.com2

7. An avocado slicer to add some healthy fat to his salad – Amazon

8. A crock-pot that takes care of his lamb shoulders when he’s living his day – Amazon 

9. A heat conducting scoop to soften stone-hard frozen ice-cream in no time – Uncommon Goods

10. A silicone popcorn maker that proves home-made popcorn goes better with Christmas movies – Amazon

11. A set of BPA-free food huggers that keeps fruits fresh for longer – Amazon

12. A mini waffle-maker to enjoy golden waffles every morning – Amazon

13. To-go bottle keychain for Sriracha lovers – Urban Outfitters

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