16 Easy DIY Gifts That Will Make Long Distance Relationship Less Painful

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It sucks to be away from a loved on special occasions. The pain of not being able to hug or kiss bae is real. For long distance couples, special days can be just especially hard.

So how to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s day together when you are miles apart from each other? How to keep your SO surprised besides switching the themes of care packages

If these are the questions you’ve been asking, these 16 DIY gifts can be the answer. You don’t need to be a genius crafter to pull off the task. These DIY projects are beginner-friendly and will definitely impress your long distance sweetie.

16 DIY gifts for your long distance sweetie

Plane tickets keepsake shadow box

An adorable idea to turn letters, plane tickets and postcards into a handmade gift. 

52 things I love about you

Show your love and appreciation with these cute cards.

DIY flipping photo album

For selfie hoarder, this easy DIY gift turns your collection into a heartwarming desktop decor.

Follow the instructions here to make your own.

Handprint love card

Just because you are not together, it doesn’t mean that you can’t hold hands. This handprint craft is the easiest way to send some warmth to your SO if you are in a long distance relationship.

You have my heart DIY card for him

Want a unique card to put in your care package? This interactive card is something that you can make at the last minute. Here’s how to do it.

A sharpie mug

That says “I love you” over and over again.

Turn your shirt into a pillow

So even when you two are not physically together, your sweetheart can still hug you and feel your warmth.

Follow the DIY instructions here.

A fairy light jar to brighten up the day of your loved one

And it will definitely make the nights alone less lonely. 


Open when...letters

The open when letters are not just a sweet ldr gift to receive. Writing these letters is also an awesome thing to do when the distance gets a little unbearable. 

The love alphabet

Start listing the qualities that make you believe he’s the one. Alphabet just gets so much more romantic.

An Upcycled CD wallet scrapebook

Got an old CD wallet that you no longer need? With some photos and love notes printed out, you can effortlessly turn the wallet into the most heartwarming upcycled gift ever.

Sweet confession cookies

Is there any homemade gifts sweeter than these cookies? Follow the video tutorial for writing on your goodies.

10 Things I love about you scratch off

Follow this tutorial down below to create your own scratch off.

Sentimental heart-shaped bath salt

So your long distance Significant Other can bath in the love and support you send.

A hug from home pillow

Buy a white pillow and write your love messages on it. This easy DIY gift is sure to melt hearts.

Paper roses made out from maps

Distance doesn’t always have to be painful. With miles in between comes a deep and strong connection. These handmade paper flowers will remind both of you why long distance relationship is worth it.

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