7 No-heat Easy Summer Hairstyles Anyone Can Pull Off In 5 Minutes

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Summer is just around the corner. Have you completed the seasonal wardrobe makeover? If not, it’s time to waken up your crop tops, mini skirt and bikini.

No summer look is complete without a cute summer hairstyle. Whether you are styling your hair for a date night or looking for a simple back-to-school hairdo, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 easy and super cute summer hairstyle that don’t require any heating or fancy braiding technique.

7 Easy and No-heat Summer Hairstyles

Ponytail with a side braid

This amazing and cute hairstyle is from Kaitlin Emma. It may look like a lot of work but it’s easier than you can imagine.

It gets the hair out of your face so you’ll have a fresh summer look throughout the day.

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Step-by-step hair tutorial:

1. Flip 2/3 of your hair to a side.


2. Take the front section of the hair.


3. And start braiding the front section of the side while pulling the braid backward a little bit. Tie the braid with an elastic band at the bottom.


4. Grab the rest of the hair into a low ponytail and add in the braid.


5. Fix the ponytail with an elastic band.

6. To create more volume, gentle pull from top loosen it up a bit.


Video tutorial down for this hairstyle:

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An Ariana Grande-style half-up ponytail

Has anyone thought of how Ariana’s ponytail stay intact with all the dancing and hair-flipping? Roxi (Youtube channel/Instagram) shows how you can create the same diva look for this summer:

No-heat-easy-summer-hairstyles-todaywedate.com-3No-heat easy summer hairstyles -todaywedate.com

Step-by-step hair tutorial:

1. Grab two small chunks of hair from the forehead and pull them to the front.


2. Take the top section of your hair from both sides.


3. Pull them to the back to make a half up high ponytail.


4. Brush the ponytail to create volume.


Video tutorial down for this hairstyle:

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And there you go. No braid. No heat. This summer hairstyle takes less than 5 minutes. If you are running late for school or work, this easy hairstyle will definitely save the day.

A Half up half down braided top knot


Step-by-step hair tutorial:

1. Grab a small section of hair from the from one side.


2. Braid it all the way from top to bottom.


3. Do the same thing on the other side as well so you’ll have two braids on each side.


4. Split the rest of your hair into a top and bottom section.


5. Add both of the braids in the top section of your hair.


6. And twist the entire top section into a bun. Use bobby pins or an elastic band to fix it.


There you have a gorgeous summer half-up hairstyle that looks intricate and elegant.


Video tutorial down for this hairstyle:

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A quick and fun double-bun hairstyle

If you have shorter hair that don’t work well for a braided hairstyle, this top bun medium-length hairstyle is perfect to add some fun to your summer look.

Source: Kayley Melissa (Instagram/Youtube channel)


Step-by-step hair tutorial:

1. Pull a small chunk of hair from one side and tie it with an elastic band.


2. Comb it a little bit to add some volume.


3. Twist the ponytail into a small bun.


4. Use a bobby pin to secure the bun.


5. Repeat the same steps on the other side.


Video tutorial down for this hairstyle:

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There you have an adorable and girly medium-length hairstyle that is perfect for school or a summer workout.

A faux fishtail braid

Want a super gorgeous braided hairstyle but don’t want to spend 30 minutes twisting your hair? This little fishtail trick will help you to pull off a fishtail easily:


Step-by-step hair tutorial:

1. Pull all the hair to one side.


2. Split your hair into 2 sections and grab each of them with one hand.


3. Twist the two sections twice and tie them together into a side ponytail with an elastic band.


4. Tie the ponytail with another band slightly underneath. Use your finger to create a whole in between.

A-faux-fishtail-braid​-for-the-summer-todaywedate.com-4 A-faux-fishtail-braid​-for-the-summer-todaywedate.com-5

5. Flip the tail into the hole.


6. Repeat the same steps to create a no-braid fishtail side braid.

A-faux-fishtail-braid​-for-the-summer-todaywedate.com-7 A-faux-fishtail-braid​-for-the-summer-todaywedate.com-8

Video tutorial down for this hairstyle:

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A casual summer hairstyle: small bun half updo


Step-by-step hair tutorial:

1. Take the top section of your hair and pull it to the back.


2. Tighten it with an elastic band.


3. Twist the tail into a small bun.


4. Secure this tiny bun with pins.


5. Loose the hair a little bit on the top to create more volume.


And your half bun updo is done. This casual summer hairstyle takes no longer than 5 minutes. It works perfectly even for fine or short hair.

casual-summer-hairstyle-small-bun-half-updo​-7 casual-summer-hairstyle-small-bun-half-updo​-8

Video tutorial down for this hairstyle:

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An Elegant no-braid half up half down hairstyle

Not a braiding genius? Don’t worry cause this hairstyle is perfectly beginner-friendly. No more numb arms this summer.


Step-by-step hair tutorial:

1. Start by pulling two small sections of hair from the front.


2. Pull them to the back, secure with a band. Flip the tail from underneath to create a twist.


3. Repeat the same step using two lower sections of hair.


4. Do the same thing for the third time or as many times as you wish.


There you go. Now you’ll have a summer hairstyle that looks feminine and fresh.

An-Elegant-no-braid-half-up-half-down-hairstyle​-6 An-Elegant-no-braid-half-up-half-down-hairstyle​-7

Video tutorial down for this hairstyle:

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So there you go. Here are all the easy summer hairstyles to try out. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment!

Wanna share your own hairdo? Write to us at hello@todaywedate.com to get featured!

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