17 Non-cheesy Winter Dates Ideas When It’s Cold Outside

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“Baby it’s cold outside.”

Sometimes it’s not that easy to find date ideas in winter, especially to find those that don’t repeat themselves over and over again.

But with a bit of creativity and imagination, you and your sweetie can still find excitement, romance and your own hygge in your winter date nights.

If you are not there yet, following are 17 great winter date ideas to try with bae:

17 Fun and Sweet Winter Date Ideas

Photo safari in the snow

Winter landscape can look so different right after a fresh snow. If you are not too concerned about the chill outside, why not grab your camera and go to a local park or the mountain area nearby for some shots?

Who knows? The place you’ve visited a hundred times can turn into a next-level beauty.

Ice skating

Even if you don’t know how to ice skate, that shouldn’t stop you from making a date to go ice skating. 

In fact, holding each other’s arms while tumbling across the ice can be the most romantic thing in winter. Nothing makes for more togetherness than constant touching and holding. 

Book reading night

Find a cozy and warm bookstore in town and spend a few hours reading together.

This can be a rather exciting way to spend a cold evening. You can even exchange your favorites and get to know each other’s interests more. 

A scavenger hunt for holiday season

Because you are doing holiday shopping anyway, why not add some fun and adventurous spirit to it. List items that you need for Christmas decoration or Christmas party. Hit the local dollar shop and start your hunt head-to-head.


Who doesn’t enjoy a feast in the snow? Bring your own food, treats and a blanket to enjoy some quality us-time.

Go to hockey

Indoor sports like hockey can be a wonderful date in colder weather. You’re inside during the event and the competition can really warm you up as you cheer for your favorite team. 

Escape room at home

If you are more of a homebody, why not invite the fun of decoding an escape room into your warm and cozy evening? If you’ve never tried it before, it will definitely refresh your date nights! 

There are plenty of escape room in a box options on Amazon. If you and bae enjoy date nights like this, consider going for a monthly subscription that sends a different game every 2 months.

Self-care date night

Holiday season can be joyous as well as stressful. That’s why scheduling time for self-care is so important. Why not share your self-care routine with bae while hiding away from the cold outside? 

DIY facial masks together or have a hot bubble bath. These winter self-care activities will not only make you feel good but also bring you and your sweetheart closer.

Build The Snowman version of you two

You can also build his snowman and let him do yours to see who’s capturing the essence of each other better.

Decorate Christmas tree

Gather your favorite Christmas ornaments and be creative! The sense of accomplishment will make the day unforgettable.

Try new café

Those little cafés hiding around the corners? Winter is a great time to give them a try.

You get a chance to talk and, if you’re new to each other, get acquainted. It can be a wonderful way to break the ice and work your way into an even longer date.

Cooking date

Things can get quite playful and fun when the two of you are cozied up together in a kitchen. Preparing food can be very sexy when you know what you’re doing. 

DIY your matching ugly sweaters

Get your holiday spirit pumping people! There’s nothing more #CoupleGoal than owning a pair of super tacky matching sweaters. Bring your own sweaters out and start adding tacky twists to it!  

Groupon night

If you are running out of ideas to spend a night with your sweetheart, head over to Groupon to find local deals that are affordable and fun. You might be surprised to see places or things to do in town that you don’t even know!


Have you ever spent any time looking up into the night sky in the winter? If not, you should. The sky can be so crystal clear it is stunning, you should give it a try. 

Why not get some inexpensive binoculars or a telescope and take it right out in your own backyard and do some stargazing?

Guess that song

When it’s snowing and freaking cold outside, staying indoor might be a better idea. But that doesn’t mean Netflix is your only option now.

Get yourself comfortable cuddling by the fireplace. Choose a playlist that neither of you have listened to before. Play the songs in random order and have a song-guessing competition. Who’s a better ‘pop guru”? You’ll find out while enjoying the indoor coziness.

A candle-lit blackout night

Turn off the lights and any electronic devices. Light up some candles. Enjoy a quite, undisturbed and romantic dinner followed by cuddling, sharing your favorite songs or simply talking with each other.

Movie date night

Movie date works for every season. Grab yourself a blanket, cuddle with your bae in sofa and enjoy a movie marathon.

We hope that these winter date ideas can give your more inspirations to make your date night fun.

Date nights are like experiments. Keep trying new ideas and enjoy!

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