8 Non-physical Traits That Make You Instantly Unattractive

A list of unattractive traits that will make good looking people ugly

Dating is more than six-pack abs, shiny hair and perfect makeup…You can have an impeccable look but still blow a date. It’s not always the physical qualities that decide whether someone is attractive or not. 

What makes someone unattractive, you may ask. A Redditor asked the same question and many shared their thoughts. It turned out that most of the turn-offs are not about the look. Do you have these unattractive traits? Let’s take a look and do a quick self-check.

Unattractive traits that are not about the look


8 Non-physical Traits That Make You Instantly Unattractive

My ex would keep two weeks of fast food bags in her car and no fewer than eight medium cups of half-drunk Coca Cola on her nightstand. I can’t believe I stayed in that relationship for as long as I did.
– Top-Insights

How well one takes care of himself and his spaces says a lot. No one wants to date and babysit at the same time. 

That doesn’t mean you need to polish every detail to the extreme. Start from the basics: take a bath every day, brush teeth, organize your room, and take care of yourself.


8 Non-physical Traits That Make You Instantly Unattractive

This one guy always sticks in my head for this. I met him in a store while I was browsing, and he came up and commented about something I was looking at. I was open until he asked what my main interests were, and everything I said, he’d respond with “ha, that’s shit” and went on a rant about how awful my taste was and how amazing his was and that he should educate me.
– DearQueenie

The quickest way to drive people away is to make them feel inferior. No relationship would last solely to feed one’s ego. 

People may have different jobs, education, or financial status. But it doesn’t mean one can diminish another in a romantic relationship.  

Plus, there’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence. And arrogance usually indicates the lack of empathy, which can be the soil of a one-sided relationship. Anyone smart enough would run away from traits like this.

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Negative attitude

They take themselves way too seriously. They think hating on everything makes them edgy or something.
– booksoverppl

We have all been through breakups, losses, or bad days. It’s ok to feel sad. But dwelling in negativity while tosing bad vibes around is purely toxic. 

A  healthy relationship should inspire us to be better, not drag us down. Cheerful dynamite is what keeps a relationship strong and inspiring.

Lack of compassion

8 Non-physical Traits That Make You Instantly Unattractive

I was with a guy once that was on the whole shy, sweet, and modest. One day we were walking through the city and passed a homeless man with a cup for coins. This sweet guy opened his mouth, and all this awful, far-right crap came out: Homeless people are societal cancer; why can’t I just walk down the street without being harassed etc.
– saturnbands182

We are attracted to different qualities. But we all want someone that will understand our pain and share our smiles. With compassion, partners can put themselves in each other’s shoes.

Rudeness or disrespect, especially towards strangers, is a total red flag.  It indicates that he will likely be the same in a romantic relationship. No one wants to be with someone who can’t relate emotionally. That’s why the lack of compassion could make the most attractive people unattractive instantly.

Addicted to social media

8 Non-physical Traits That Make You Instantly Unattractive

He just wanted to go to scenic locations to take pictures then immediately leave.  
– dope__username

I can be talking to a great girl but then as soon as I see her Instagram page filled with 100s of selfies and not much else but with like 1000 followers, I’m instantly turned off.
– TibetanTorpedo

Social media has made communication easier, but it has also pushed some of us to another extreme. Want to spot a narcissist? Check out his social media profiles. As a study shows, the selfie posting frequency may relate or reinforce one’s narcissistic tendency.

Narcissist needs admiration to feed their ego, and social media is the perfect source. However, dating is quite the opposite. Imagine meeting someone for the first time, and he is handcuffed to his phone the entire time. Won’t you regret the time you wasted with him? That’s why “social media celebrities” might not be as attractive as they seem in real life.

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Playing the mind games

When I ask someone out, and they say no, I expect that to be the answer. I’m not going to be one of those guys who go around harassing women when they don’t say yes to a date, y’ know, something that almost all the women I know Hate.
– QuesoCommando

No one has time for mind games. A lot of people confuse being interesting with being difficult. A little uncertainty might spice up a relationship at the early stage. But when guessing becomes the norm, it raises a red flag of emotional manipulation. 

Overly sensitive

8 Non-physical Traits That Make You Instantly Unattractive

Having a “you’re either with me or against me” attitude. I’ve never met someone that conducts themselves like that who also aren’t toxic in many other ways.

When you are too serious too early, it drains the fun out of dating. Not everything people say has a hidden message. Just chill, get to know your date, and feel the vibes.

Agree or disagree?

So here are all the unattractive traits to avoid. Do you agree with them? If you have any thoughts or stories? Share in the comment!