9 Type Of Hugs Guys Do And What They Mean

Have you got hugged at the end a first date that makes you think “that’s weird”?

Hugging is one of best way to comfort someone or to show affection. 

Who doesn’t want a warm hug after a long day?

But different types of hugs may have completely opposite indications. Only 7% of all the communication is verbal. It means we do the rest 93% of talking with our body language.

Hugs are not an exception.

Does your crush hug you from the back? What does it mean when a guy squeezes you in a hug? Can you tell where your relationship is going by how a guy hugs you?

These are the 9 most common types of hugs and what they mean. Wondering if he’s into you? Let’s find out!

1. The one-arm hug

What does a one-arm hug mean? - 9 types of hugs and their meanings -todaywedate.com

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A one-arm hug is that he hugs you with only one of his arms while slightly turning his body to one side. 

As opposed to a full hug, a one-arm hug might indicate that he’s still holding back in your relationship and is reluctant to get “too intimate”. This could mean that he treats you as a good friend.

So what does one-arm hug means in an intimate relationship?

If you get a one-arm hug after the first date, don’t lose hope yet. This could be because he’s nervous and just doesn’t want to cross the line too early. 

But if you keep getting the same type of hugs after hanging out for a few times, you should reconsider if you are better off as friends.

2. A full hug with uninterrupted eye contact

What does it mean when a guy hug you with both arms? -9 different types of hugs and the hidden message behind them - todaywedate.com

Have you ever been with a guy that hugs you with both arms while keeping fiery eye-contact? An intense and romantic full hug is exactly like this. 

This type of hug is the symbol of strong physical and soulful connection. 

In other words, you may have found your soulmate and he feels the same. Your bond is unbreakable. When you two are intensely hugging each other, it seems like everything else disappears.

3. The ragdoll hug

The ragdoll hug (side hug)  -9 Type Of Hugs Guys Do And What They Mean

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Also called as “side hugs”. If you receive a side hug from a guy when you are trying to embrace him with passion, your relationship may not be on the bright side.

It may indicate that the other person is not willing to go further in your relationship. It could also mean that he is intimidated by the affection you show towards him.

What a side hug means?

If you get a ragdoll hug from your date or your crush, it’s time to take a step back before giving out your heart. 

But if it’s from your Significant Other, chances are he may be holding a grudge or the fire between you two has faded. It’s time to talk things through or make extra efforts to rekindle.

4. A dive-in hug

The dive-in hug and its meaning- 9 Type Of Hugs Guys Do And What They Mean

Has he ever buried his head in your arms while holding you tight by the waist? 

This hug usually happens between couples that have been together for a long time. It’s a perfect demonstration of trust and attachment, just like the way our parents hug us. 

When he hugs you in this way, he may be having a rough time in his life. He’s turning to you for comfort and the sense of security. He believes that you will be there for him no matter what. 

5. The Slow Dance

The slow dance hug - 9 Type Of Hugs From Guys and what they tell about your relationship - Todaywedate.com

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Remember the dance you had with your boo that you wish would never end? You wrapped your hands behind his neck. He put his arms at your waist and gently pulled you closer. 

If you still hug this way, the romance is still going strong as ever. 

6. The Pat Hug

Hugs with patting on the back - 9 types of hugs and what they mean - TodayWeDate.com

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Watch out, girls. A hug with gentle but unnecessary pats on the back may be a signal of you getting friend zoned. If he is trying to show signs of a crush, he may squeeze you a bit in a hug or simply hug you longer. 

Patting on the back shows friendship and acknowledgment rather than romance. In other words, this is more a “buddy” type of hug instead of anything intimate.

If you keep getting the pat hug from someone you like, he may want you as a friend more than a lover.

7. A surprise hug from behind

Sweet hugs from behind and the meaning -9 Type Of Hugs Guys Do And What They Mean

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This is also called the Protector hug. This type of hug suggest a strong bond in between.

If a guy surprises you with a heartwarming hug from the back, you may have found a keeper

He loves you whole-heartedly and truly cares about your feelings. He wants to be your solid back. Simply grab his arms in response and enjoy the moment of intimacy. 

8. The lifting hug

 The lifting hug-9 Type Of Hugs Guys Do And What They Mean

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This is our favorite type of hugs. It’s a strong indicator that you are in a passionate intimate relationship.

Has he ever hugged you so tight like he was almost trying to lift you off the ground? This hug doesn’t happen very often but when it does, oh girl, he misses you!

He may give you this kind of hug when you’ve not seen each other for some time. If you are in a long distance relationship and he gives you the lifting hug in a reunion, your love is here to last.

9. The London Bridge

9 types of hugs and their hidden meanings - todaywedate.com

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London Bridge is falling down, and it’s falling down for a reason. When two people are doing a London Bridge hug, at least one of them is trying to stay away from the other one

This type of hug is super awkward and somehow hilarious. But it definitely shows that the relationship is not heading the good way or there’s bad blood between the two. 

So these are the 9 most common types of hugs and their meanings. Next time when you want to tell how a guy feels about you, pay attention to the way he hugs you. 

If you like him, hug him and let him know! We all can use some more hugs, right?

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