43 Ultra-romantic Frugal Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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A luxurious night at a five-star resort will definitely be romantic. Flying first-class to Bora Bora sounds amazing too. 

But for most of us, these date ideas are not always affordable nor realistic. 

Looking for fun Valentine’s day activities on a budget? You are in the right place. We’ve sniffed around the Internet and gathered 43 unconventional frugal date ideas for you and your sweetheart. Surprise your partner with these ultra-romantic Valentine date ideas that will make him feel your love.

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12 At-home Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

Don’t worry if you and bae are the romantic homebodies. A date-night-in can be just as fun as any date night. 

Here are 12 cute and fun Valentine’s Day date ideas to try this year.

Draw each other

Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and start drawing your boo. Look who comes up with the best or most hilarious art to hang on the wall.

Sit down with a good read

Movie night at home

Set up a cute private cinema in the backyard or living room.

Play board games


Self-care date night

Herbal tea, facial masks followed by a relaxing warm bath, Valentine’s Day is now officially the most soothing day in a year. And a sweet massage makes it even more romantic.

Bake some Valentine treats together


Turn on the warmer if you need to. If you are ready to bring your intimacy to the next level, it’s time to get dirty and creative.

Throw a Valentine’s Day party

Ask your friends to come and join! Pick a theme you love and dress accordingly. Don’t forget to match outfits with your sweety!

Have a trivia game night

Get crafty

Still haven’t decided what gifts to get for your sweet? Why not make it part of your Valentine date? Pick a handmade gift project and work on it with bae.

Backyard camping

17 Creative Ideas For V-Day Date-night-out

Wanna go out and have fun on Valentine’s Day but hate the crowd? You are going to love these cheap date ideas that don’t look cheap or cheesy.

Food tour

Search the new or most underrated local eateries. Mark them out on a map and try your best to taste all of them in one day.

Explore the local farmer’s market

Fresh grocery, seasonal goodies, you may find something unexpected!

Groupon date

Sign up at Groupon and get the first deal that shows up at your local page.

Park your car at the beach and make out

Karaoke challenge

Go to karaoke or use software for at-home karaoke. Pick songs for each other and see who can win the singing contest.

Watch sunrise and sunset at different spots

Attend a local event

Is there any carnival or musical event taking place on Valentine’s Day? Grab bae and enjoy the loving atmosphere to the fullest.

You can use sites like Eventbrite to check the coming local events.

Sneak into a rooftop and enjoy the night views

Go to a stand-up comedy

Go to a casino

Cupid’s gonna bring you some extra luck on this special day.

Visit a local museum

Go picnic by the lake

Dress up and make out at your hideout

Do you have a place that only you two know about? Maybe an old church, an abandoned house or secret corner in the park. Put on something nice and hit it with hugs and kisses.

Be a tourist and explore your city all over again

Hop on to Tripadvisor for some tips if necessary. The new spots may become your new date-night regular.

Photo booth date

Buy some cheap costumes at the local dollar shop and dress up for a photo booth shoot.

Enjoy a romantic getaway in a town nearby

Go to the beach for a sandcastle competition

14 Fun & Active Valentine's Day date ideas

Visit a zoo or volunteer in an animal sanctuary

For animal lovers, a day filled with kindness and surrounded by animals is definitely the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Go bowling

Recreate your first date night

Still remember that nerve-wrecking first date night you’ve had? Whether it’s a walk or a formal dinner, awkward or sweet, do the same thing again on this special day! 

Try couple yoga

Are you up for the challenge?

Go kayaking

Have a great workout session in the gym

Those who sweat together, stay together.

Visit a farm

While the city is all filled with hopeless romantics, why not escape to the nearby farm to have a relaxing day surrounded by fresh air and greenery.

Go fruit-picking

Go-kart racing

Not a traditional Valentine’s Day date idea. But who doesn’t want to get a little “fast and furious” on this romantic occasion?

Swim at a local pool or hotel

Go mini-golfing

Decrypt an escape room

Grab your partner-in-crime and escape the room with great teamwork.

Take part in a dancing class

Make it a regular if you have never done a couple dancing. You’ll enjoy the experience that brings you two closer than ever.

Go on a bike ride

Well, that’s it for the Valentine’s Day date ideas. You don’t need to be filthy rich for a romantic date night. All you need is to be creative and explore the possibilities. 

Now it’s your turn. What are you planning for Valentine’s Day? Leave us in the comment and tell us more!

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