76 Beautiful Long Distance Relationship Quotes For You and Bae

A list of long-distance relationship quotes for when you miss someone from afar

Long-distance relationships are hard. If you are in an LDR, you are not just dealing with the distance. The craving for hugs, the absence for each other’s birthdays, time difference and poor network, they come in as a package. 

But there’s a bright side to long-distance relationships. We cherish every call, every text, and every time we get to see each other. Distance is nothing but a test, a test to see if two souls are matched and if two people are making equal efforts.

In times of doubt, these beautiful long distance relationship quotes can bring you and your LDR bae some comfort. If both of you stay strong, the finished line won’t be far away. 

Long distance relationship quotes

Heart-felt long distance relationship quotes

The distance is nothing when one has a motive.
– Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Always remember, my heart holds you when my arms cannot - Perry Poetry - Beautiful Long Distance Relationship Quotes For You and Bae - TodayWeDate.com

Always remember,
my heart holds you
when my arms cannot.
– Perry Poetry

But nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.
– Calla Quinn

Love is not just being with someone. 
Love is feeling someone even if miles separate you.
– Wordions

Distance matters only when you fail to cover it through your mind.
– Munia Khan


I choose to hold you in my dreams…
For in my dreams, you have no end.
– Rumi

The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.
– Charles Dickens


Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great.
– Roger de Bussy-Rabutin

Souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand the notion of time or distance.
They only know it feels right to be with one another.
– Lang Leav

True love can endure any circumstance and reach across any distance.
– Steve Maraboli

If you found that one person who is really worth the sacrifices, pain, and hardships, then your efforts will not go to waste.
– Anna Agoncillo


I find myself smiling at my phone. I am not alone.
– Unknown

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Your memory feels like home to me.
– Unknown

So whenever my mind wanders, it always finds it’s way back to you.
– Ranata Suzuki

You can decorate absence however you want- but your still gonna feel what’s missing.
– Siobhan Vivian


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
– Lao Tzu

Distance unites missing beats of two hearts in love.
– Munia Khan


In true love, the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.
– Hans Nouwens

Two soulmates can never be apart, maybe in distance, but not in heart!
– Lily Amis

That’s how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too.
– Kaui Hart Hemmings

Knowing he was out there somewhere thinking about me at the same time I was thinking about him.
– Ranata Suzuki

Growth in love comes from a place of absence, where the imagination is left to its own devices and creates you to be much more than reality would ever allow.
– Jamie Weise

That’s the worst way to miss somebody. When they’re right beside you, and you miss them anyway.
– Pittacus Lore

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
– Ally Carter

Sometimes home can be another person.
– d.j

If you miss them, that means you’re lucky. It means you had someone special in your life, someone worth missing.
– Nikki Schiefelbein


Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.
– Unknown


If the love is real, it will fill up the space between the two people.
– Em.x.thoughts

Distance sometimes lets you know who is worth keeping and who is worth letting go.
– Lana Del Rey


The hugs feel so right, even just in my mind.
– Em.x.thoughts

The best way to appreciate something is to be without it for a while.
– Unknown


How can someone create so much happiness and pain in one’s life at the same time?
– Em.x.thoughts

Love never leaves just because the person does.

Sweet long distance relationship quotes for boyfriend or girlfriend


They say love is blind. So why do I see you so clearly in my future?
– Em.x.thoughts

They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, but I don’t think it’s possible for you to miss me as much as I’m missing you right now.
– Edna St. Vincent Millay


So for now,
I will miss you like I’ll never see you again,
And the next time I see you,
I will kiss you like I’ll never kiss you again,
And when I fall asleep beside you
I will fall asleep as if I’ll never wake up again.
– Charlotte Eriksson

I imagine a line, a white line, painted on the sand and on the ocean, from me to you.
– Jonathan Safran Foer


My mind travels across the ocean to you because that’s where it finds peace.
– Em.x.thoughts

If you listen to the wind very carefully, you’ll be able to hear me whisper my love for you.
– Andrew Davidson

Not one day went by that I didn’t feel you missing from my life.
– Becca Fitzpatrick

I wonder how much of the day I spend just callin’ after you.
– Harper Lee

The wait worries me. But not having you in the end terrifies me.
– Em.x.thoughts

Didn’t I say I’d always be your same stars? If you get to missing me, just look up.
– Anne Rivers

Our plans for the future made us laugh and feel close, but those same plans somehow made anything more than temporary between us seem impossible.
– Stuart Dybek


The silence isn’t so bad, till I look at my hands and feel sad. Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.
– Owl City

I think of you.
In the way that one might think of the summer sunshine
On a winter night…
– Sreesha Divakaran

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.
– Claudia Adrienne Grandi

I miss those kisses and the way I used to sleep in your warm hug.
I miss the way you made me eat breakfasts and I miss the way you made me laugh.
I miss you.
– Himmilicious

As many times as I blink I’ll think of you tonight.
– Owl City


There are seven billion people in this world, and you really think your soul mate lives down the street?
– Unknown

As long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together.
– Donna Lynn Hope

Your body is away from me,
but there is a window open
from my heart to yours.
– Rumi

I am jealous of the people who got to see you every day.
– Unknown

You’re too far for my hands to hold you, but too near for my heart to love you.
– Heraline


I have late-night conversations with the moon; he tells me about the sun, and I tell him about you.
– S.L. Gray

You are so far away and yet, closer to my heart than anyone else.

I exist in two places, here and where you are.
– Margaret Atwood

For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.
– Stephanie Perkins


You are worth every mile between us.
– Unknown

When I can’t sleep at night, I stare at the empty side of my bed and wonder about the things I would tell you if you were laying next to me.

Romantic long distance relationship quotes from movies

What have you been doing?
Waiting for you.
– Like crazy (2011)


Love meant that you care for another person’s happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be.
– Dear John (2010)

It’s possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems.
– Dear John (2010)

We’ll be with each other all the time, even if we’re not with each other at all.
– Dear John(2010)

Everything around me makes me miss you.
– Dear John (2010)

I feel in love with her when we were together, then fell deeper in love with her in the years we were apart.
– Dear John (2010)

The things that we have with each other, I don’t have with any other person, with any other human being, apart from you.
– Like crazy (2011)

I can’t see you. If I see you, I’ll never leave you.
– Closer (2004)


You’re worth the wait.
– F.r.i.e.n.d.s

Wherever someone you become, wherever you are in this world, I’m sending you love.
– Her (2013)


Love is patient. Love is kind.
– Waves (2019)


I love you now. I love you always.
– Meet Joe Black (1998)


I think we were meant to find each other.
– Before We Go (2014)

I think I’d miss you even if we’d never met.
– The Wedding Date (2004)


Just glad I met you.
– Friends With Benefits (2011)

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