11 Hugging Alternatives For Long-distance Relationships

What to do when you feel lonely and crave physical connection in a long-distance relationship? Here is a list of hugging alternatives to try

Being in a long-distance relationship is not easy. It takes patience and communication to make an LDR work

One of the greatest challenges in a long-distance relationship is the absence of physical interactions. When your Significant Other is no longer by your side, holding your hands, wrapping you in the arms, loneliness creeps in. 

If this sounds familiar, here are a list of hugging alternatives that Reddit users swear by to ease crave of physical connections.

Hugging alternatives for long-distance relationships

Weighted blankets


cinnasluttly: Weighted blanket, it’s not the same, but it does give you a similar feeling of comfort.

Personal stuff of your Significant Other


DoinkDamnation: Girlfriend slept with my bear. I slept with hers. We switched on the day we had to move out, and now it’s still a little bit like we sleep together every night. At least on an emotional level.


walking_withjesus: Place body pillow behind you and put the arms in “big spoon” position

shygirlturnedsassy: There’s a thing called the “Boyfriend pillow”. It’s basically a body pillow with an arm that you can wrap around yourself.



CooSoo: A cat or dog is limitless with its ability to cuddle.

Hug someone else


justaregulardude1989: I’ve experimented with asking random strangers for hugs. It has a (surprisingly) very high success rate.

kelsey4drew: you might consider asking a platonic friend if they would like to cuddle. I think a lot of people crave that sort of closeness, even if it’s not romantic in nature.

A warm bath


TheAmazingDisgrace: Baths are so underrated in my view. I can take one, watch YouTube or Hulu and eat ice cream at the same time. 


MoralGuardiansSuck: Get a towel, or a toweling robe, heat it up somehow (like on a radiator), and put it on while it’s warm.

ASMR videos

SeaSlip7: A nice blanket and an ASMR video with the lights off and your eyes closed.
Tbh, ASMR is pretty much the only way to replicate a real person touching you. Everything else just feels fake.

Getting a massage

NDMT24: Massage is so good for you physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s self-care that feels really good.


Juliska: Massage therapist here. Receiving regular massages (focused on stress relief/relaxation) can be beneficial, though obviously, it doesn’t take the place of a partner. I’ve worked with many clients in the past that considered massage part of their self-care as it helps fit physical, social, and psychological needs. Professional, comforting, non-sexual touch can be profoundly healing for some.

Bike rides


robogo: Bike rides are the best. Especially to places you haven’t seen. New sights and physical exercise are very helpful.

Go on a self-date


TheUnseenForce: Going to concerts alone is great. I started doing it because it was such a pain in the ass to organize a group of people to go, especially for shows that not everyone would be into. Everyone at the show has common ground, so even though you’re in a group of strangers it doesn’t really feel like you’re “alone” at all.

SuperSaiyanSkullF*: I go to dinner alone a lot. Apparently it’s some kind of taboo because a lot of people refuse to, but I like food and to be able to sit there in silence and appreciate a good meal is kinda great.

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What do you think of these hugging alternatives?

How do you cope with stress and the urge to hug your Significant Other in a long-distance relationship? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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