Am I In The Friend Zone? 8 Signs You Are Friend-zoned By A Girl

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A quick checklist of friend zone signs guys need to see.

What is friend zone and how to know you are in one -

I hope that you are not reading this, but you are, so obviously, things are not going as planned. 

Friend zone is the worst place you can be in a relationship or a pre-relationship. Sometimes it’s about them, and sometimes it’s about you. 

Anyone with a moral code will tell you the truth if they only want you as a friend. 

But let’s be honest; girls are not always verbal about their feelings. And there are different reasons for it.

She may not want the rejection to sabotage your friendship. Or worse, she needs you as a backup. She may drop hints to keep you in the safe distance but not bursting your bubbles.

Before you rage against anyone, know that your crush doesn’t owe you a thing. Not all friendships turn into a romantic relationship, and she doesn’t need to confess to you. It’s your responsibility to know where you really are before giving out your heart and soul.

So how do you know if you are friend-zoned by a girl?

Here is a list of things girls do when you are in the friend zone. Run the checklist, and if you hit most of them, it’s time to pick yourself up and move on.

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Signs that you are in her friend zone

Friend zone sign #1: She talks about her crush

Yikes. Girls rarely talk about another guy with someone they are interested in. This is a pretty obvious friend zone sign. 

“But what if she’s doing it to make me jealous?” you ask. Pay attention to how she talks about her crush, and you’ll have the answer. 

“He looks so good in his new haircut.” 

“I bet he’s peeking at me at the party as well!”

” Look what he posted! Can’t believe we both love this song!” 

Does she talk about the details of his crush or keep a close eye on his social media?  

Our eyes follow the heart. If a girl is giving her attention to another person and is not hiding from you, she probably treats you as a friend.



Friend zone sign #2: She dodges your compliments

How does she react when you call her beautiful? Does she switch the topic immediately? Or does she go completely silent? 

Yes, not all girls are good at handling compliments, especially if she’s shy or unfamiliar with it. But if it happens time and time again, it’s time to lower your expectations.

If she’s into you, her eyebrows will rase, and eyes will lit up of joy. Facial expressions don’t lie. You can tell whether someone is acting awkward, faking a smile, or is genuinely delighted. Follow your gut and trust your judgments.

Friend zone sign #3: She dresses down

We are on high alert around people we are attracted to. It’s human nature to present the best side of ourselves to our crush. 

We put on our best outfits. We spend hours on makeup and make sure that our nails are perfect. In other words, we go extra miles to make ourselves look attracted and flawless.

But If all she does is dressing down when you are around, she might not feel the need to impress you. 

Does she wear sweat pants and T-shirts all the time? Does she look like she just woke up? No-filter is not a good sign.

Friend zone sign #4: She calls you her “bro”

Does she have nicknames for you that don’t sound right? Some of them being “Bro”, “Dude”, or “Mate” if you are in Australia. 

It’s more likely for girls to call their crush by the name than “bro”. What she means by calling you this way is that, “you are like a brother to me.” The same rules apply to guys. 

Friend zone sign #4: the matchmaker

If you crush is trying to set you up with another friend, you are 99% in the friend zone. If someone is into you, the last thing she will do is to give you away to someone else. 

The good thing is she cares about you and is not using you as her backup. She can be a keeper, just not romantically.

Friend zone sign #5: One-sided communication

Are you the one that initiates conversations, either text or phone calls? If she treats you as a friend, it’s not likely for her to constantly check up on you. She may reply to your “good morning” late in the afternoon, or she may straight-up ignore your message or calls. 

A romantic relationship should not be self-compromising. If you feel like you are always the one chasing after this girl, chances are you are put in the friend zone.

Friend zone sign #6: Always hang out, never date

You go out together, grab coffee, go to movies and share pizza…everything a couple would do on a date. But when being asked if you two are dating, she insists that you are “just hanging out”.

Not all dates turn into a relationship, but dating indicates someone is ready to be in one. Hanging out, on the other hand, is stress-free and commitment-free. If that’s where this girl defines the relationship with you, you might already be in her friend zone.

Signs that you are in her friend zone -

Friend zone sign #7: Limited physical interactions

Body language says a lot about a person’s feelings. When we are into someone, we can’t help ourselves getting close to them. Small touches, naught pinches come natural. 

For friends, this level of intimacy is missing. If she rarely touches you, or she hugs you with one-arm, she is limiting physical interactions with you. And that could mean you are in the friend zone. 

Friend zone sign #8: No show on big days

You hang out so often that you two look no different than a couple. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you want to make it official by asking her out. Unusually, she says no. 

Regardless of the reasons, she is not into you romantically if she never goes out with you on special occasions. Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas…those are the days we spend with a Significant Other, not with a friend. 

Do you agree or disagree with these friend zone signs?

If these friend zone signs look similar to you, it’s time to reconsider your relationship with her. Do you want her as a friend or not? 

If so, do what a friend will do and cut off the emotional attachment. 

If not, it’s time to stop seeing her. It’s hard to get over someone if you keep talking or hanging out together. Minimize your connections, and don’t look back. Better ones are ahead. 

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