29 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts For Husband That Has Everything

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Again, this time of the year.

The time that we squeeze our mind to come up with surprising birthday gifts for him. 

Choosing birthday gifts for husband is a headache. And to keep wowing him year after year is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up 29 out-of-the-box birthday presents for husband. You will be able to find some inspirations here!

Ready? Let’s get to it

29 Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband (who has everything)

A shirt that will make him proud

Thoughtful and funny gifts for husband - TodayWeDate.com

Or just laugh.

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A Personalized Family Tree Wall Art

A Personalized Family Tree Wall Art​ - 29 birthday gift inspirations for husband - TodayWeDate.com

Of course it’s sweet to put family photos everywhere. But if you want something different, this family tree wall art can be a great choice. 

Customize yours for just $5, hang it on the wall and it will always be a conversation piece that surprise your hubby and the family.

A DIY compliment cake

DIY Compliment Cakes for husband - gift for husband's birthday - todaywedate.com

That should be the hero of the birthday party! And plus, birthday is the best day to spoil your hubby with sweet desserts, sweet words and everything sweet. 

Check out the guide on how to write on your birthday cake

Printable Love coupons

Printable Love coupons​ - best DIY birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com

The best gifts for him can be those that don’t cost a dime! If your hubby has already got everything, why not give him a book of love coupons and the right to choose a service from you? 

It can be a back rub, a date of his choice. And we even includes blank templates for you or your husband to go creative (or naughty:) 

Click here to download free love coupons 

A photo book filled with memories

Personalized Couple photo book - personalized birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com


It’s time to gather all the best shots you’ve got in your camera, computer and your phone. A well-designed photo book turns your scattered moments into the best keepsake gift. And it also gives you all the right reasons to document your family together:)

You can either print our your photos and DIY with cardstock. Or you can use online tools like Mixbook that allows you to customize and get your photo book printed almost effortlessly.

Click here to create one for hubby (or check the latest coupon code

The compliment candy bars

Compliment Candy Bars DIY - Unique birthday gifts for husband - todaywedate.com


Ladies! Guys love to be pampered and compliments are powerful! Sometimes affirmations from loved ones can be much more meaningful than expensive birthday gifts. 

If he’s a sweet tooth that loves candy, there’s no better gift ideas than this compliment DIY candy bar

Check out the full tutorial on Oh Happy Day

Whiskey decanter

Whiskey decanter - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for your partner - TodayWeDate.com

We love this decanter because… 

Well let’s be honest. Most of the “decor” gifts end up in the garage. And you won’t want any more of them. 

This decanter, in the other way, is a perfect home bar necessity.

This eye-catching globe can seal an entire bottle of whiskey in it and fits into your artsy home.

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Binge Day – Sweetest gift idea for husband

Sweet treat box - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for him -TodayWeDate.com

Not everyone wants a “cake” for their birthdays.

For foodies that prefer donuts than anything else in the world, what’s better than a box of his cravings.

Source: Pinterest

The Year You Were Born

The Year You Were Born​ Custom Frame -  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com

This framed print is the best way to honor the man of your life. It’s personal and sentimental. 

Not only does it tells the celebrities who were born in the same year, but it also shows how much you care about him. 

A perfect birthday gift for those who seem to have everything but a little more romance in life.

☛ Customize yours on Etsy

An appreciation pillow

Heartwarming birthday gift for husband - Todaywedate.com

Can you think of a better day than his birthday to show your gratitude for him? Not good at words? This pillow will do all the talking for you.

Grab this unique and sweet birthday gift on Zazzle

Greetings from Donald Trump

Happy birthday video from donald trump  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com

There are people that just couldn’t agree with him, but no one can say no to a hilarious birthday greeting video from the President

Create one for $5 on Fiverr and it’s going to be the best opening intro at the birthday party.

A lot of…Kisses!

DIY kiss print - 22 thoughtful and heart-melting birthday presents for him- TodayWeDate.com

☛ See how to DIY your own kiss print here on Today We Date

Date Night Bucket List

Date night bucket list - a handful of creative date ideas to pick from - best gift ideas on TodayWeDate.com

This one is not exactly a birthday gift for your hubby. Instead, it’s more of a gift for both of you.

Inside this kit, you will find a bunch of interesting date ideas.

You can either plan your dates with this kit, or you can randomly pick one of them and just explore the unknown. This date night ideas kit will save you big time coming up new date ideas and keeping the romance alive in your marriage.

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If you love dates with your hubby and don’t want to miss any of them, get this printable date night planner from us! Print them out and plan with your SO for dates to come!


 Kindle - best birthday gifts that he'll actually use- TodayWeDate.com

No more worrying about lack of space to store those hard-cover books.

Kindle is the bookworms’ best friend now. 

If he still hasn’t made up his mind to invest in a convenient and portable reading device, his birthday is the perfect occasion for you to do this for him. 

Get him a Kindle along with some best-sellers. On his next trip, he won’t need to squeeze that book into his suitcase anymore.

 Compare price for different models here

DIY Milestone Birthday Card

DIY Milestone Birthday Card - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com 

This card may not be a great b-day gift on its own. But it will add a sentimental touch to any gift you’ve prepared.  

And it’s also super easy to create. (Yay:))

Check out the full tutorial here.

A Pac-man lamp to light up his day

 Pac-man lamp - unique birthday gifts for him - todaywedate.com

And put a smile on his face on bad days. 

Get this birthday gift on Think Geek

A Sweet Confession

DIY snack puns board  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com

Wondering what’s the best birthday gifts for husband that love food?

Make him a board made up with his favorite snacks and treats!

Make sure to take a picture before he swallow all the sweet treats:)

Source: Easy Friends Ideas

Handmade preserved eternal rose

Handmade preserved eternal roses - Unexpected birthday gift for husband - todaywedate.com

If he has never received flowers before, now it’s the best time to surprise him. Go for roses that last just like your marriage.

Check available colors on Amazon

The best kill-time on daily commute

Unique and thoughtful birthday gift for husband - todaywedate.com

It sucks to waste such a big part of our life on the road to work every day. If your hubby spends more than 30 minutes on daily commute, he would probably feel the same.

This birthday, think about turning his “chore” into the best time to learn, to listen and to experience with Audible. With a gift membership, your hubby will have access to the latest bestsellers, classic novels and any audio books of his choice. 

Check out gift memberships here

Try Audible for Free 

Hygiene Kit for Hard Working Men

 Hygiene Kit for Hard Working Men  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com

He may have put all his time into work and family instead of himself. 

This hygiene kit designed for men is going to take care of his dry skin, sore feet and cracked lips.  

The all-natural set is handmade in New Hampshire which makes every single kit unique. Just like the name has suggested, it’s a perfect birthday gift for the husband that works too hard to have any time for himself.

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A backyard movie theater

A backyard movie theater  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com


If your guy enjoys movies but doesn’t want to wait in line after an exhausting day, creating his personal outdoor cinema can be a surprising and thoughtful birthday gift for him. 

With some proper setup, you can enjoy an intimate movie date with your hubby any day while enjoying full privacy.

Follow this guide to create your own backyard cinema

The V-Card

An intimate naughty card  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com

If you have kids, make sure they don’t see this card when giving it to your partner. 

☛ Get it on Etsy

Birthday Oreo

Custom birthday oreos - gourmet gift for him  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com 

Because no one can say no to Oreo’s. 

Order yours here

Your Love Story Comic Book

Your Love Story Comic Book -unique birthday gift for husband that has everything - todaywedate.com

Recreate (and relive) your own love story into a one-of-a-kind comic book. Lovebook online is an online tool that allows you to edit your own comic book and have it deliver as a gift.  

Here’s our guide to lovebook online.

Start creating your book

A Pair Of Shoes

Surprise hidden in a shoebox  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com


Shoes may be a little cliché as a birthday gift. But who doesn’t need a pair of comfortable sneakers or running shoes? It would be a great incentive for those who are struggling to hit the gym daily or just take a walk in the neighborhood. And for those who exercise regularly, there is nothing more important than a pair of shoes that offers comfort and protection. 

Check here at Amazon to see the best shoes for different occasions.

A jar of sweet words

A Compliment Jar as a birthday gift for husband - Todaywedate.com


Best served with breakfast in bed.

Check out this full DIY tutorial here

A monthly self-care subscription

A monthly self-care subscription  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com

Some guys just need a sweet reminder to squeeze some time out for self-care. If this sounds like your husband, then a monthly subscription box like this one is a great fit for him. 

Instead of a birthday gift you are not so sure about, he’ll be getting a box of personal care items, books, socks or other personal care items to make his life better.

Check out the details here

Game of Phones

Game of Phones - fun date night games  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com

You or your hubby is super busy and cannot live without your phones? 

Who needs to do that anyway? 

Dating should not be phone-prohibited. 

Instead, turn your phone into part of the dating. Challenge each other to finish these phone-related tasks and see who is the ultimate phone master.

Get it on Uncommon Goods for $20

Funny Shakespeare Coffee Mug

Funny Shakespeare Coffee Mug  - 22 thoughtful birthday gifts for husband that has everything - TodayWeDate.com

A mug that is perfect for hubbies that love books.

Get it on Amazon

Well that’s it for today. We sure hope that you find a unique birthday gift for him from one of these ideas. But are we missing something here?

Share with us in the comment of the most impressive birthday gifts you’ve given!

Share the love and enjoy the day?.

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