12 Sentimental And Unique Title Ideas For Your Personalized Lovebook

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The best way to make a gift unique and memorable is to go for the personalized ones. When it comes to personalized gifts for Valentine’s day, for anniversaries or any occasion, what’s better than a self-publish comic book full of love and joy? 

Today, we’ve rounded up 11 theme ideas for your own Lovebook Online.

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If you don’t know what Lovebook Online is, it’s a platform where you can easily create comic graphics to illustrate sweet stories or funny moments. The resource library and cover templates have made it effortless to create a book. With some creativity and a few clicks, you will have a romantic journal just for you and your sweetheart. 

Here’s a review of Lovebook Online if you wish to know more

And there are also specific cover themes for Mother’s day, Father’s Day, graduation and more so it is a great personalized gift for almost any occasion.

If you are struggling with the theme of your book or wondering how to fill all the pages (you can add as many pages as you want with no extra fee), we’ve rounded up some ideas that you can totally try!

1. Create a couple bucket list Lovebook

Title: 99 Things I Want To Do With You

What to put in the book:

Start listing all the crazy things you want to do with your bae! Create one single page for each item and use the blank page on the other side to document your date or paste a polaroid. (Yes, lovebook is printed single-sided so you have plenty of spaces to be creative).
When you check all the items in your book, you will have the best love journal.

Here’s a couple bucket list from Buzzfeed if you don’t already have one:

2. Put together your own quotes book

Title: The Quotes That Remind Me Of ______


What to put in the book:

Sometimes love quotes tell exactly what’s in our mind. So if you are running short of content to put in your Lovebook Online, why not pick those quotes that resonate with you the most?
We have gathered some of the best love quotes on the web on our Pinterest board, click here to check it out! 

3. Create an “open-when” LDR Lovebook

Title: Read this book when you miss me

What to put in the book:

Think of things that will cheer your SO up! He will be so thankful for all the encouragement or inspirations.
  • A sweet love note
  • Jokes
  • Picture of a hug
  • Your favorite cheering playlist
  • Your next vacation plan together!
Create your long distance love book here >> 

4. A book filled with best date night memories

Title: 29 nights that make me fall for you (over & over again)

@papaspaldo via Instagram

5. A spouse appreciation Lovebook

Title: Youniqueness in you that I love about

Here’s a video from Immy showing how she put together the best personalized gift for her boyfriend:

We are also obsessed with the lovebook created by @cazaresb23 as a proposal surprise!

6. Create your own biography that will let your SO know you better

Title: 21 years of life that lead me to you

If you haven’t been together for long, take advantage of an anniversary gift-giving to strengthen your connections.
Feel free to put in anything about you in the book, make it a “user instruction” if you may.

Tell your bae details and secrets that he don’t know about you. He will have so much fun reading the book while getting to know you better.

7. The with & without lovebook

Title: Everything is better with _______ 

8. A Lovebook for deployment

Title: To my hero

What to put in the book:

  • Things that you love about your SO
  • Your life when you are apart
  • Words of appreciation and gratitude 

9. A personalized self-love guide for your SO

Title: Love yourself the way I love _____

What to put in the book:
  • 10 things I love about you
  • Daily affirmations or mantra 
  • How to love yourself

10. A personalized comic book for anyone in recovery

Title: Get “Whale” Soon

Create your own get-well Lovebook here  

Some heartwarming and cheerful words to put in the book:

  • You are a tough cookie
  • Life is tough, but you are tougher
  • We miss you
  • Wish you a speedy recovery 
Funny words that will make them laugh:

  • Sorry you have to eat hospital food
  • I heard doctors/nurses in your hospital are hot 

Words that they can totally relate to:

  • Surgery is like being recalled to the factory. And now you are a better version.
  • At least you don’t need to wear a cone. 

11. A gratitude journal for Mother’s Day

Title: For the coolest mom on earth

What to put in the book:

  • sweet childhood memories with your mom
  • things you want to do with mom
  • reasons why she is the most amazing woman ever 

☛ Create your mother’s day Lovebook

12. An Appreciation Book For Father's Day

Title: Thank You For Being Awesome

34983023_179169136114918_47647606972612608_n.jpg (1080×1080)

What to put in the book:

So here you go. Hope this post will give you some ideas to surprise your SO and express your love. 

Don’t forget to check out our gift guides for other occasions as well.

Happy gift-giving!

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