The Kiss Print – Easy DIY Wall Art Gift For Him

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Each of us expresses love in a different way – in all life situations and also in gift-giving. If your Significant Other is a hopeless romantic and is into sentimental gifts, he’s going to love this easy DIY gift.

lipstick frame2

This DIY beginner-friendly gift takes less than 20 minutes to make. But it carries lots of love. And the best part of it is that almost any of us can make it without buying a bunch of additional materials. 


You’ll need 4 things to make this DIY Kiss Print: paper, your lips, several lipsticks of different colors and a photo frame.

You can also get a pretty gift box to wrap your print and put in other ornaments of your choice to compliment the Kiss Print.

lipstick frame3 min


1. Get a piece of clean white paper (preferably cardboard). Cut it into the size that can fit into the photo frame you have;

2. Put on your lipstick and print it on the paper;

Tip: Choose bright or vivid colors because they look better on the white paper.

3. Change colors of lipstick and repeat step 2 until you get as many kisses as you like;

4. Write down the names of both of your names, a love message or love quotes to make your print more unique;

5. When the lipsticks dry out, put the print in the frame and wrap it with paper or put in a gift box.

lipstick frame1 min

Have you made your own kiss print? Tag us @todaywedate on Instagram to let us know!

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