24 Birthday Care Package Ideas To Spoil A Long Distance Loved One

We all want to be spoiled on birthdays. Who doesn’t want to take a bite on the birthday cake, unbox gifts and sing “Happy birthday” with family and friends?  

However, celebrating birthdays as an adult is much harder. We are now living in an era of separation. 

Every once in a while, we need to say goodbye to a friend that is studying abroad, or the husband that is deployed overseas. 

If there’s anything that makes a birthday alone less lonely, is the love from home. 

That’s why we’ve gathered 24 of the best long distance birthday care package ideas to send someone far away. 

24 Birthday Care Packages To Spoil Your Long Distance Loved One

Birthday suit care package

Pick a cute birthday outfit and send it in your birthday care package. It doesn’t need to be a complete clothes set. A headband, a crown or a shirt will do. 

If you want to tease your long distance boyfriend or hubby a little bit, send a tutu. He will never see that coming.


image credit: Lexie Beedle

A box of sweet memories

If you are a selfie hoarder, it’s time to print out the best ones in your collection and glue them to the flaps of your care package.


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Birthday party in a box care package

Birthday Party in a box

image credit: giftspiration

Birthday parties shouldn’t be compromised for the distance. Send your friends or Significant Other what they need to throw a party.

Balloons and confetti are must-haves. To make your box more festive, don’t forget to put a birthday banner and more birthday party decor items in it.

A box of sunshine with a little personal touch


image credit: Lilly via Pinterest

Pack your birthday care package with all the golden good stuff and you are good to go.

A care package filled with timeless love


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Treats and ballons


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A box that is as hot as the one who gets it


I’d rather be kissing you than missing you


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A pizza that is Dough

If you have send care packages in all possible themes, try this one down here. It’s surefire to impress. Who can say no to a pizza made with money?


image credit: Kevin Hunsperger

A birthday care package to light up the day


image credit: Laura Dennis

Chocolate and cakes melt in warm places. If you don’t want your birthday box to get all messy, try send these “just add water” cakes in a mug. With a bunch of different flavors to choose from, you’ll certainly find something for your long distance sweetheart.


image credit: Miss Jones Baking Co.

A birthday care package for the sweet tooth


image credit: Kristie

Time to celebrate


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Party favors and keepsake gifts

Have you made those cute “open when” letters and love coupons? Send them in the box so the joy will not last for just one day.

Click here to download our free printable love coupon templates


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A confetti theme birthday care package for a deployed soldier


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Birthday cake in a box


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A sweet letter board to surprise a long distance partner

Include a sweet letter board message or a funny birthday card to impress your long distance Significant Other.


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Birthday party decors and treats


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Movie date night in a box

Have any plans for the night? How about a long distance movie date? 


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A birthday box that totally rocks


image credit: Rae of sparkles

Self-care essentials birthday care package


image credit: Linda Ulmanova via Pinterest

Something out of the blue

If you are sending a military care package overseas, the time of arrival might be out of your hands. Why not send earlier to surprise your deployed soldier? This “out of the blue” care package will be a perfect birthday idea for him.


image credit: Gift Ideas Corner

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Even though you are miles away, hope you have a special day.

heartwarming birthday care package ideas - todaywedate.com

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I donut know what to do without you

If sending real birthday cakes or donuts isn’t possible, try decorating your flaps with these cute sweet treats stickers.

heartwarming birthday care package ideas - todaywedate.com

image credit: Lexie Beedle

Birthday care package for a long distance best friend

heartwarming birthday care package ideas - todaywedate.com

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Do you have a favorite long distance care package? What are you going to put in it?

Tell us in the comment!

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