24 Marvelous Matching Avengers Costumes For Couples and Friends

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For many of us, Halloween is the time to be scary AF. While your coworkers, neighbors and friends are dressing as zombies and monsters, why not be the one to save the world?

For those of you who are sad to see the Avengers gone with the End game, Halloween 2019 is the best time to relive the triumphant moments.

We’ve gathered 24 Marvelous matching superhero costumes from the Avengers. They might not be the easiest Halloween outfits to copy. But they will definitely make you and your boo stand out.

24 Avengers Costumes For Couples and Friends

Agent Carter and Steve Rogers

Superhero costumes are not always about tights and wigs. Remember these cute matching army outfits before the red suit?


image credit: @eva_davidova_photo

Hulk and Black Widow

If your hubby is not into dressing up as a superhero couple, here’s a topless option.


image source: Pinterest

Captain American and Scarlet Witch

If you are looking for superhero costumes for woman but don’t wanna buy a whole suit, try dressing up as Wanda Maximoff (aka the Scarlet Witch). Find or borrow a red leather jacket and over-the-knee boots. Turn your fierce face on and you are good to go.

Black Widow and Hawkeye


image credit: Arorea on DeviantArt

Not a couple but better than one. These matching Avengers costumes work perfectly for both couples and best friends.

We all need someone to watch our back. And it’d better be someone in black.

Wanda Maximoff and Scott Lang


image credit: @paxicosplay

Fighting alongside each other in Captain America: Civil War, can these two actually hit it off?

Thor and Jane matching costume for couples


image source: @swimmerbritt

Loki and Scarlet Witch

Storm and Black Panther

Captain Marvel and Captain America


image credit: @yarpenna

One thing about the Marvel Universe is that there are so many badass female characters. What’s more couple goal than dressing us as two neck-and-neck Captains?

Ironman and Captain America

Two strong heroes, a complicated friendship.

Gamora and Star-lord


image credit: @slightlyvillainous

Captain America and Black Widow


image source: @eyeconic.creations

Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers couple costumes


image source: @nomadcap

Perfect best friend costumes: Gamora and Nebula

Spending this Halloween with your sister or bestie? If you are up for a new makeup challenge, Gamora and Nebula looks should be on your Halloween checklist already.

Captain America and Doctor Stranger costumes


image source: @eyeconic.creations

Female version of Thor and Loki

None of the female Avengers is your type? Create your own female version of your favorite superhero like these two down here.


image source: @vitalina_vu

Gamora and Peter Quill

Nebula and Tony Starks


image credit: @gwen_sarcastic

Captain America and the Black Widow

Vision and Scarlet Witch


image credit: @ladytoxie

Hawkeye and Black Widow

Let's play a little mind game, shall we?

Peggy Carter and Captain America


image credit: @ashleyromantic

Bucky Barnes and Captain America


image credit: @ds16591_michaelren

What is your favorite Avengers costume idea? Who are you dressing in this Halloween? Tell us in the comment! For the rest of us, hope you have the best Halloween just like these fellows:

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