13 Unique Airbnb In L.A. That Cost Less Than $100

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Raise your hand if “vacation” sounds like luxury to you.

We get it.

Sometimes we just want a break from day-to-day responsibilities and dive into the wild with the person we love.

Cuddling in a cozy bed, bathing in sunshine with a glass of Mojito, that’s literally heaven.

But time, gas fee, hotel expense and all the cost adding up, it may be intimidating to just even plan the trip.

Does it mean we have to say goodbye to romantic elopes with our sweethearts? 

Hell no. 

If you are living in L.A., you are already in the center of awesomeness.

Instead of driving long hours or flying across borders, why not have a “staycation” that is doable any weekend? 

Find a cozy place to stay, dive in the new local restaurants and explore the city like you never did before.

And if you want to enjoy a romantic weekend getaway without breaking the budget, staying in an Airbnb would be a better choice than expensive hotels.

We’ve found 13 unique Airbnb rental homes in Los Angeles that cost no more than $100 per night. 

Pack your bags, get your partner, and have a sweet sleepover just in the neighborhood.

13 Unique Airbnbs in L.A. that cost less than $100

1. "The monastery" L.A. airbnb with stunning views

Located in Southern California, The Monastery Airbnb is a home away from home.

You will not only be enjoying the stunning views but also the convenience of downtown L.A..

With the cover of hills and trees, full privacy and tranquility are no longer luxury. 

Yet it takes only minutes to reach downtown L.A.. So you are not missing any Los Angeles staycation ideas or the best new local gourmets.

If you want to take a day away from the “chaos”, this Airbnb is your perfect hideout. 

With all the pine trees and lush around, you will have complete tranquility during your stay. 

2. Newly Renovated Bungalow Airbnb in West Los Angelas

Enjoy a sunbath in the patio in this West L.A. Airbnb. 

This vacation home is the perfect location for you to unwind, even if you are just staying for a night or two.

As a guest, you will have your own private bedroom and an ensuite bathroom. 

Feel free to have a weekend barbecue in the patio if you wish. Or enjoy the delicious local dish within walking distance.

3. Studio with stunning views

Located in the middle of LAX and BUR, this designer studio is perfect for L.A. locals and also for those who are traveling in town.

awesome airbnb los angeles

The well-designed concrete floor and minimalist interior decor just make the whole staycation a little bit more artistic.

If you have always been living in a farmhouse, try switch things up this time. 

It may be a special memory for both you and your sweetheart.

4. Trailer with private spa

“Be in L.A. but beyond L.A.”. 

This is probably the best description for this trailer bnb.

For those with a wild soul, what’s better than spending a night in a well-renovated trailer? 

With a stunning view of Eagle rock and Highland Park, you can have a private quality time with your partner. 

Lying under the stars and enjoy the soothing breeze. Or soak your stress away in your private spa. 

It’s like being at home and in the wild at the same time. 

This frugal Airbnb is surefire for a unique and wild weekend getaway.

5. The "Hideaway" airbnb in L.A. - Writer's Retreat

Have you ever feeling urged to hide away from the city?

Or maybe you are looking for a place to give you some inspirations for your next project, or artwork, or a book?

With an antique interior style, the Writer’s Retreat Airbnb will take you back to the good old times. 

Located in a quite and safe neighborhood near Highland park, you will find yourself living in the 19th century. 

With a history of more than 100 years, this is one of the best L.A. Airbnb that’s not only relaxing, but also provides a unique “time travel” aesthetic.

6. Artistic airbnb in L.A. - the Hobbit House

No, you don’t need to go all the way to New Zealand to visit the famous Hobbiton.

Located near Venice Beach, the Hobbit House Airbnb is going to satisfy your Middle-earth fantasy.

Tour this house

This well-furnished guest house feels like a cave but more than a cave.

The guest will have access to the whole private room, a shared serene backyard.

Enjoy a bath in nature and wash away the unwanted energies. If you are a wild card, you will love it here.

7. Bright and airy Los Angeles home

15 minutes from LAX, LMU, Marina del Rey, and Venice Beach, this Airbnb is in the center of awesomeness but away from the craziness.


The right-on-point minimalist decor and the cozy backyard lounge area is what we like the most.

If you need a weekend to break away from the stress, you are going to feel refreshed in this Airbnb.

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while watching the chickens roaming the yard. 

Here in the Airbnb, you will feel like living in an oasis without even leaving the city. 

8. Tranquil home away from home

Located in the northwestern suburb, this listing is one of the best L.A. Airbnbs for couples.

In this clean, bright and sun-filled home, you will not only have access to your private room but also a staycation to remember.

Have a refreshing morning dip in the pool, or enjoy a cozy dinner in the backyard at night. It’s totally up to you and you are always welcomed to make the most of your stay. 

9. Retro-style private room

Looking for a cozy place to unplug? Well look no further.

This Airbnb is a natural escape from the downtown chaos while locating within 10 minutes to the freeways.


Simple and quite, your stay in this Airbnb is going to give you an energy reboot. 

The Mid-Century style of interior decor, stunning hillside views and the peacefulness of your own space, this place is what every couple on vacation is asking for.

10. Pet-friendly Sunny Room

Wanna bring your pet with you on a staycation? This is the place for you.

Located in a residential neighborhood in Torrance, the cottage is a pet-friendly space with a relaxing outdoor area.

Enjoy some “me-time” with your sweetie in your private room, have fun playing with the dogs in the backyard or hit the beautiful beaches nearby. 

This place will not fail to surprise. 

11. Comfy Spanish Casita

If you love art and galleries, you are going to love this place.

Situated in the neighborhood near the Art District, you will find yourself surrounded by new galleries and masterpieces. 

The house itself is also aesthetically flattering. 

A well-designed house in a modern setting, this is the perfect Airbnb for your weekend getaway.

Not only will you be having your own clean and sun-lit bedroom but also you will get addicted to the serenity filling up the space.

12. Vintage style staycation

It almost feels like living in a castle just by the vintage decor of this studio.

If you want to have a time-travel back to the last époque, this studio in the holiday villa is surefire to impress.

13. West Hollywood Townhouse

Situated one block away from Melrose Avenue, this Hollywood townhouse is minutes away from what Hollywood has to offer.

You are going to fall in love with this place if romance is the top priority of your weekend getaway.

Enjoy the breathe-taking views from the terrace with your sweetheart. contemporary townhouse. 

Or go out and explore the neighborhood like every tourist will do in Hollywood. 

One best thing that makes Airbnb better than normal hotels is the hospitality you will receive.

 Breakfast, fresh fruits and coffee are provided by the host, which will make you feel at home.

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