50+ Effortless DIY Date Night Hairstyles For Different Hair Types

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However, when it comes to date night hairstyles, you will want to keep it cute without going all over the top like a prom queen.

What are some decent cute hairstyles that you can try? 

Here are 50+ easy-to-do hairstyles for different length or type. Grab yours and let’s get the party started!

In this post you will find:

30+ Romantic Long Hairstyles That Takes Less Than 5 Minutes

 30+ long hairstyles for date night that can be done within 5 minutes - todaywedate.com/

With so many different options, you can easily style your gorgeous long hair based on occasions.

Either the sleek updos, simple ponytails or the elegant braids, you can always find something for your own style.

Check all the long hairstyles here

13 Super Easy Medium-Length Hairstyles

 10 Super easy hairstyles for shoulder-length hair - todaywedate.com

There are so many possibilities when it comes to hairstyles for medium-length hairstyles.

These 10 looks put together by Abby Smith from Trist Me Pretty Braides are super fun and easy to copy.

With some bobby pins and hair clips, you will be date night-ready within just a couple minutes. 

Watch full tutorial here:

For those of you who prefer to read, keep scrolling down to see our fav of these pretty mid-length hairdo tutorials:

How to do the "Floating braid" medium length hairdo

How to do the floating braid mid-length hairdo

3 Cute And Elegant Shoulder Length Hairdos

10 Easy and Gorgeous Hairstyles For Short Hair​

Super quick and easy short hairstyles for school, date or work! hairstyle//hair//short hair//

We are so surprised by all these variations of short hairstyles put together by the Fabulous Hannah.

Who would have thought that short hair could be that smoking hot! If you have short hair too, this video may totally upgrade your beauty game!

Watch full tutorial here:

3 Sleek Hairdos For Fine or Thin Hair

Got trouble creating a perfect look with fine or thin hair? Here are 3 super easy to do hairstyles that adds volume and sophistication to your hairdo. hairstyle//short hairstyle//hairstyles for thin hair

Frustrated at your thin hair or fine hair?

These 3 hairstyles for thin hair by Erin Elizabeth can give you some new ideas.

With these small tricks, you can easily add additional volume to your hair and create a beautiful dating look.

Watch full tutorial here:

30 Easy Braided Hairstyles

30 easy braided hairstyle for every hair type

Struggled with braids?These 30 easy braided hairstyles will save you from sore arms and messy hair! Go check out CafeMom to see how to do them.

How To Style Your Hair Based On Face Shapes

In case you got a little dazzled by all these many options, here’s a tutorial by Justine Leconte on how to choose the hairstyles that suit your face shapes.

Definitely recommend watching this video before styling your hair if you are a DIY hairdo newbie.

Watch full tutorial here:

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