200+ Cheap Date Ideas For The Whole Year

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Can you imagine anything more important in a relationship than dating? Dating helps strangers to build connection and bring couples closer. 

But if you can’t afford a nice bottle of champagne that costs more than your cable bill for that month, don’t worry! 

We got you covered for the ENTIRE year!

Check out these amazing budget-friendly but still romantic date ideas, not only for first dates or new couples but for long-married ones as well! 

In this post you will find:

4 Cutest Tumblr Date Ideas That Are Cheap But Fun

Cute and Fun Tumblr Dating Ideas

  1. Build an indoor camp together
  2. Go for a road trip or a walk
  3. Photo Booth dating
  4. A baking Date

We are totally in love with the favorite date ideas on Tumblr shared by Sierra Furtado

Things like picnic dates, fort building and Photo Booth are just cute and frugal at the same time.

Check out her full videos here:

30+ Non-cheesy and Absolutely Fun Date Night Ideas


This list from Cate and Dave really got us by surprise! 

It is filled with some weird but sweet date ideas that never crossed our minds before. So inspiring for both high school sweeties and married couples.

15 Perfect Date Night At Home Ideas

Maybe going out isn’t really your thing, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to Netflix like any other couple. Spending time with your partner at home can be fun too! 

These 15 ideas put together by Sense and Serendipity can blow your mind, including:

A wine-tasting night: Light up some candles as well. It will make you feel like bathing in the sunshine in a Bordeaux vineyard.

1 on 1 Dance Session: Grab some Youtube videos and enjoy the sparks flying in the grooves and flow.

Want some more? Check out here.

Overwhelmed with so many different date ideas? Grab a FREE printable date night planner to mark down those you love!

Free monthly date night planner template for download - Todaywedate.com

30 Date Ideas For The Cheap & Broke Millennial

Dating? In this economy? Seriously?

Well…these 30 frugal dating ideas from Trials n Tresses prove that nothing can stop us from falling in love, even when you are young, dumb and broke.

17 Spring Dating Ideas under $20

You don’t need to spend some great pennies to enjoy the best time of the year with your love!

These 17 date ideas shared by Listen Money Matters actually cost less than $20 per person. Amazing, right? 

70+ Unexpected Summer Date Ideas (From A to Z)

Summer summer. We don’t really have a reason not to love this passionate season, right?

With so many outdoor date options, everything could happen!

We’ve put together a list of date ideas for summer and we think you will LOVE it.

Check out the full summer date list here>>

A Perfect Backyard Movie Night

The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Perfect Backyard Movie Night backyard movies//backyard movie screen /movie night ideas outdoor /outside movie screen /movie night ideas outdoor /outside movie screen /movie night ideas /outside movie night /movie night /movie themed party/outdoor movie ideas /outdoor movie diy /outdoor cinema//outdoor cinema/outdoor theater/backyard movie/diy outdoor movie screen

Who has ever dated in a drive-in? 

Here’s how you can create a drive-in movie theatre in your own backyard.

Check out our ultimate guide to DIY backyard movie night here >>

23 Fall Date Night Ideas That Warms Your Soul

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Enjoy the most romantic season with pumpkin spice latté, golden foliage and these cute fall date ideas.

Click here to see them all

  • Fall Picnic
  • Country fair date night
  • Farmer’s market date night
  • Thanksgiving Prep Night ( What a great idea to combine obligations with love! )
Check out more at The Dating Divas

30 Romantic Winter Dating Ideas

Dating in winter is all about hiding in the house by the fire? Hell NO! You can always find romantic things to do with your date while keeping you both warm and excited!

  • Go bowling with pizza and wings
  • Video-gaming in your indoor fort
  • Snowball fight!
  • Bake Christmas cookies together;
Read the full list at Glaminati.com

30 Romantic Winter Dating Ideas​

Date Ideas For Teens - When you have no clue

If you have absolutely no clue about what to do on a date or you just want to play random, go with the amazing alphabet ideas from Sarah at texasweettea.com .

Pick a letter and you are good to go!

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