36 Best Sweet Fall Date Ideas To Try WIth Bae This Year

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Is there anyone that doesn’t love this season? 

Red leaves, golden pumpkins and the smell of cinnamon floating in the air, fall is undoubtedly the most romantic season of the year. 

And it’s also the best time to date your sweetie.

The weather is not too hot nor too cold. The picturesque walks  covered by leaves of red and gold are awaiting for us to explore.

Whether you are a homebody or someone looking for outdoor romantic adventures, these are the fall date ideas you should definitely try with your sweetheart.

36 Sweet things to do with Bae this fall

A romantic midnight getaway

Get in your van and drive to the beach or by the lake in the middle of the night. Set up a camp fire and enjoy the unexpected elopement.

Watching Sunrise

Do you have your favorite date night spot? Go there early and catch the stunning view of sunrise.

Private mini concert under the stars

A guitar, a blanket and your couple playlist, that’s all you need.

Halloween Treats Haul

Shop together for your favorites treats and snack and see who gets the best bargain.

Pumpkin photo challenge

Challenge each other to have the weirdest, funnies shots with pumpkins. Time to test that posing ability!

A amazing cart-venture

Borrow a cart from the supermarket and give each other a crazy ride on the leafy pathway.


Apple picking

Creating a journal of leaves

Collect leaves of different shapes and colors and put together in a notebook. By the end of the season, you’ll have a journal for your sweetest fall moments.

Go on a road trip

The most scenic views are on the road. Surprise your sweetheart with an unplanned road trip.

Dress up in Halloween couple costumes

halloween is the start of the holiday season, and you are not going to miss that. Check out these 24 couple Halloween costume ideas for some inspirations!

Creating your heart of leaves



Hiking and have a romantic picnic on the summit

Make some cinnamon rolls in advance and bring fresh seasonal fruits to enjoy the taste of fall.

Load up your truck with fall items

It’s fall so it’s time to add some orange to the porch. 

Enjoy the night view from a rooftop

Get lost in the woods

And enjoy the “me-time” like you two are the world’s last survivors.

Let go of a lantern

Read each other's favorite book on a cozy Sunday Afternoon

Go to a football game together

Or be part of it.

An movie date night in the backyard or on the rooftop

Check this guide to see how to set up your own outdoor cinema for a movie date night.

A picnic on the fall foliage

Hot-tubbing in the woods

Set up a camp fire and make s'mores

Go to a pumpkin patch

Enjoy a celebrity-styled night in a luxurious resort

Decorate your house together and turn it into a spooky hell

Take lots of polaroid selfies

Visit a small town nearby and explore as you go

Watch sunset and enjoy the views with cool breeze

Spend a night on the hammock

Pumpkin carving

DIY pumpkin spice latté

Bake some cinnamons together

Have the perfect brunch on the porch

Binge watching Netflix without leaving your bed all day

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