24 Back-to-school Lunchbox Ideas That Your Kids Will Adore

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Roll your eyes babe.

Here comes the back-to-school time of the year.

And yes, that means coming up with new lunch ideas five times a week all the way till the end of school year.

So what should you do to create a versatile back-to-school lunch menu that your kids will actually love (without spending all your time you have left for Netflix)?

Here are 24 easy lunchbox ideas for kids that are going to save you hassles and time.

Make-ahead School Lunch idea : Burritos

Rolled up or placed in a bowl, burritos are one of the all-time favorites.

With a little twist and tweak, you can make your creative version for your kids’ lunch (and it is almost difficult to go wrong).

Burritos are easy to make and easy to store. Besides, it’s also a great way to use your leftovers.

What’s not to love about that? 

Mix and match with protein, veggies, cheese, dip, beans and all the good things you have. Don’t forget to make ahead the night before or on weekend. In this way, you will have less to worry about in the morning.

With a different style every day, your kids will never get bored. Here are 6 burrito lunch ideas for kids that are perfect for moms in a hurry.

6 Mouth-watering Burrito Lunch Ideas

1. All-in-one Burrito On The Go

We can’t say enough good things about this healthy and easy burrito recipe from The Modern Proper.

This breakfast inspired burrito is perfectly lunchable.

With potatoes, cheese, avocado, egg and things other things your kid may like, you have all the nutrition in one burrito.

2. Easy Vegetarian Quinoa Burrito Bowls

If your kid is vegetarian, this quinoa burrito bowl from the Simply Quinoa is a perfect lunch idea.

Get some quinoa and sweet corn ready, topping it with avocado, vegetable and dip of your choice.

You will have a bowl of healthy lunch to go.

3. Loaded Make-ahead Vegan Burrito

Jasmine and Chris at Sweet Simple Vegan have turned their popular tofu scramble recipe into an amazing freezer-friendly burrito. 

The best thing about it is that you can make a big batch ahead, put it in the freezer and pack it in your kid’s lunchbox whenever you are struggling for lunch ideas.

A real time-saver for busy moms!

Check out this video below to see how to make these tasty burritos:

4. Southwest Chicken Burrito Bowl

This healthy burrito bowl from Jar of Lemons is your perfect option when you don’t have much time on hands for lunch prepping.

Put chicken in the oven as you cook the rice. While waiting, chop some fresh greens, tomatoes along with corn and beans.

Within 30 minutes and you’ll have a healthy burrito bowl that is not only perfect for school lunch but for adults as well.

5. Roasted Avocado Veggie Burrito

The world need more avocado! It makes everything more creamy and delicious.

The Roasted Root has created this amazing roasted avocado burrito that would make a great healthy lunch for your kid.

Make sure that you make a big batch so you can save some for yourself!

6. Brown Rice Sushi Burritos

Gringalicious replaced sushi rice for brown rice. It has made this sushi lunch burrito even healthier.

Quick and Healthy Bento Boxes For Back-to-school

Bento box is the new best friend of many moms now. It is an easy way to put all the food together, keep them organized, visually appealing and nutritious. 

We all agree that we should have a lot more than wraps and sandwiches, right?

Now you can put all the nuts, fruit, veggies, dipping sauce and healthy protein in one bento box. And easily switch things for each category so you will have a whole week’s lunch ideas.

Make sure that you get some good-quality bento boxes that keep the food sealed, separated and organized.

Here are 4 of our most recommended lunch boxes on Amazon that will do the job well.

The only thing left to do is to explore the possiblities and make the bento lunchbox look nice and taste good. 

Here are some fast and easy on-the-go bento box lunch ideas for your inspiration:

7 Easy Bento Box Lunch Ideas For Kids

1. Sushi Sandwiches Bento Box

Sushi Sandwiches from weelicious.com

This sushi bento box from Weelicious is refreshing what we knew about sandwiches.

If your kids (or you) are getting bored with them, roll the bread with tuna, cucumber and carrot. Your kiddos will be surprised to find sushi in the lunchbox and will definitely want more.

2. Totoro Bento Box


Buns are easy to make and you can get it at any bakery if you don’t want to bake it yourself. But who would have thought buns can be so cute?

Check out the full tutorial of this Totoro lunchbox at the Bento Monster and you will be amazed.

3. Salmon and Marinated Shrimp Bento Box Salad

This fully loaded bento box from Cooking in Sens is a hunger saver.

You have the meat version of chicken drumsticks and meatballs in one bento. And the seafood version of shrimp and salmon in another.

You can choose to make either of them based on your kids’ liking. Or you can separate them for two days.

4. Protein Fruit & Veggie Bistro Box

Protein Fruit and Veggie Meal Prep Bistro Box - Zero Weight Watchers Freestyle Points

To obtain the perfect nutritional balance of lunch, combine the whole food that is rich in carbs, protein and healthy fat.

This make-ahead lunch snack box from No.2 Pencil is definitely one of the best examples.

5. Mini Quiches + Fruity Mix Lunchbox

grain free school lunch idea: spinach and bacon mini quiches

We love these savory quiches from the MOMables. What a different approach to packing school lunches.

You can add anything on top of egg and cheese. Bacon, onion or shrimp will be great options. Put the quiches along with fresh fruit and veggies like strawberry, orange or blueberries.

If you want to keep the quiches as warm as they were when came out of the oven, make sure that you pack them in a lunch box with insulated thermos like this one.

6. Gudetama Easter Chiffon Cake

Can you guess what are these cute little Gudetamas are made of? Once again, the Bento Monster surprises us with such fun lunchbox ideas!

They are actually chiffon cake with lemon juice. It is an Easter kid’s lunch recipe, but we think it’s so adorable to fit in any time of the year. 

Warning: Kids are going to love these little eggs that they are probably not going to eat them. (Oops…)

7. Valentine's Day Lunchbox for kid

Valentine's Day Lunch for Kids | Foodtastic Mom

This Valentine’s lunchbox idea from Foodtastic Mom is one of our favorite V-day snack boxes. 

It’s probably not a typical lunchbox recipe. But it makes a great sweet treat for any day of the year.

Want more ideas for putting a healthy bento box for back-to-school? Watch this video below!

Pasta Back-to-school Lunch Ideas

If you want to prepare your lunchbox for kids the night before and don’t wanna cook two separate meals, pasta is a quick and easy option.

Make a batch for dinner and leave the rest to pack in your kids’ lunchbox.

Pair it with cheese, peas, sausage and the sauce you love. Both you and your children are going to enjoy the pasta. (And no more banging your head against the wall 😉)

We’ve gathered some of the best pasta recipes for the back-to-school lunch. Scroll down to check them out.

3 Tasty And Healthy Pastas For Kids

1. California Pasta Salad

California Pasta Salad - Life In The Lofthouse

Loaded with farfalle, cherry tomatoes, olive, this pasta recipe from Life in the loft house is going to satisfy anyone’s carb cravings.

Make it your signature dish by adding in your own salad dressing and you’ll have your kids’ next favorite lunch idea.

2. One-pot Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pasta

What’s better than putting everything in a pot and just sit and relax until the magic happens?

We can always use more free time, right?

To make this delicious mushroom pasta from the Cafe Delites, all you need to do is to chop your mushroom, put it in the oven, or an instant pot with chicken and pasta. You can also add in some diced vegetable when it’s cooked. Your kids will be licking the bowl:)

3. Shrimp Scampi Pasta


The sweetness from tomatoes teaming up with the unique flavor of the scampi sauce, this on-the-go pasta recipe from Kevin and Amanda will be something different in your weekly school lunch menu. 

A Healthy School Lunch Option: Salads On The Go

Your kids probably hate salad. We are aware of that, don’t worry.

Sometimes we just couldn’t handle so much green.

But being one of the easier and most healthy meals doesn’t mean that salads have to be boring.

Mix it up with chickpeas, nuts, protein and top it with a delicious dressing. It’s going to be rich in texture and flavor.

Here’s a guide from A Pair & A Spare showing you how to put together a delicious and nutritious salad lunchbox.

4 Healthy Salad Lunch Recipes

1. Mermaid Salad Rolls

Mermaid Salad Rolls - Learn how to transform regular salad rolls into mermaid salad rolls, by filling them with mermaid noodles! 100% natural dye technique that is shockingly simple! Recipe at loveatfirstbento.com | bento box, bento, lunch box

You see these pretty salad rolls in the lunchbox from Love at first bento

That’s where you can get creative. 

Put in anything you like: avocado, chickpeas or salmon for the non-vegetarian. Literally ANYTHING. 

Wanna know how to turn normal ingredients to the fabulous ocean blue? Check out the secret trick here.


Check out all the ingredients of this school lunchbox at Number 2 Pencil

3. Classic Pumpkin + Feta Salad Recipe

Classic Pumpkin + Feta Salad Recipe

If you love pumpkin, or you are looking for some Halloween lunchbox ideas, you are going to love this salad lunch recipe from Lyndi Cohen

Easy to make, fun and well-balanced, you can even use pre-cut pumpkin to save more time.

Check out the full tutorial in this video down below:

4. Mason Jar Zucchini Noodle Salad

Mason Jar Zucchini Noodle Salads

So mason jar salad is a thing now.

This salad in a jar lunch recipe from Inspiralized is a feast for eye and for the tastebuds. Just remember to pack the lunch with a long folk or an extra empty bowl. That’s going to make it easier for your kid to mix the sauce and all the good stuff in the jar together.

5. Curry Chicken Salad

We love the combination of soft, creamy chicken salad and the chunky crackers. Packed with apple slices, you will have all kinds of textures and tastes in one lunchbox.

Full recipe of this salad for lunch at Budget Bytes

Soup Recipes For Back-to-school Lunchbox

Yep, soup.

Soup is with no doubt another great standby to pack for school lunchbox.

It may be a little tricky to keep the soup in the lunchbox back then. But with thermoses and leak-proof insulated lunch boxes out there, it’s easier than ever to keep it warm and sealed till lunch time.

Here are some of the highest-rated lunchboxes on Amazon that are perfect for packing soup.

Want some ideas to make your soup creamy, delicious with nourishing nutrients?

Here are 3 awesome and easy soup recipes that will is going to help you get there.

4 Soup Recipes for Back-to-school Lunches

1. Tumeric Ginger Carrot Soup

Check out this full recipe at Hello Glow

2. Crack Chicken Noodle Soup

Check out the Plain Chicken to see how to make this tasty and hunger-satisfying soup.

3. Curried Lentil Coconut Soup

Healthy Little Foodies has created this amazing soup recipe and made it special by add raisin and coconut on top. Check out the full recipe here.

4. Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

delicious tortellini soup in a thermos for a hearty school lunch

How to get your soup ready quickly and delicious? Momables has put together marinara sauce and tortellini and created this Italian style lunch soup.

Check out the video down below to see how to do it.

With all the options available, your kids are going to fall in love with their school lunches.

But have we missed anything? Comment down below your go-to school lunch ideas.

Happy packing!

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