11 Thanksgiving Care Package That Will Make Anyone FALL In Love

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Thanksgiving is like a “rehearsal” for Christmas. Family get together and enjoy the wonderful food and family activities.

For those who can’t make it back home on this special day, sending them a Thanksgiving care package is a good way to express gratitude or just simply sharing the fun.

For deployed soldiers, not all of them get to come back home to surprise their family, especially those who are in overseas troops. 

For college students who can’t come home, fall-themed items as well as things to cheer them up for the coming finals will be great for a Thanksgiving care package.

We’ve put together 11 best Thanksgiving care package ideas for your inspiration. Let’s take a look and get crafty, shall we?

11 Best Thanksgiving Care Package Ideas

1. Feast box with natural decorating

Decoration is always a big part of putting together a care package. As for Thanksgiving, there are tons of inspirations outside. Pick some leaves of different colors and use them to make your box unique.

2. Countdown care package decor idea

This is the perfect care package to send before Thanksgiving. We love the idea of adding a countdown to the flaps, which makes the waiting a little bit less daunting.

3. Fall care package filled with love and fall-theme snacks

Don’t you just love this box with everything fall? 

4. Thanksgiving care package for college students

Since finals are approaching, it’s time to send out the finals survival items – not “magic pills” that slay grades. 

Put in the essentials he needs for self-care and study. Or maybe books or relaxing color books to massage his mind.

5. Pumpkin spice everything

Pumpkins spice and turkey are two of the major reasons why Thanksgiving is so loved. Whether it’s pumpkin spice latté or cookies, you can’t miss the signature taste of fall.

6. Fall care package decor idea

If you are a more hands-on person, wrapping every item in golden or orange paper can add a trace of fall delicacy to your care package. And just think about the joy of unwrapping every single item!

7. A road trip care package

Going back home for Thanksgiving often means driving for hours in a row. So why not send your sweetie a road trip box to keep his energy level up on the road?

8. Home-baked goodies care pacakge

When we are far away from home, being able to enjoy some home-made snacks really means a lot. Show some love by sending him some home-made treats that can be packed and shipped.

9. A sweet care package for Thanksgiving

Candies, chocolate bars, cookies and everything sugary will make the care package just as sweet as you are. If he’s a sweet tooth, this one is a craving-saver.

10. Creative pumpkin spice care package

Do you even know how many things are pumpkin-spiced? Not just food and drinks, but we are talking about soapscrub and candle

If you are tired of sending snacks in every package, it’s time to switch things up.

11. Gobble Til You Wobble

We can never have enough turkey, right?

What to put in a Thanksgiving care package?

1. Home-baked treats

Big turkey lover? It’s not very likely to send turkey via post. But how about these cute little Ritz crackers?

Or a batch of adorable Thanksgiving cookies like these?

Here’s a tutorial of how to make a similar (and maybe easier) version of Thanksgiving cookies:

2. Thanksgiving treats and snacks

Not a fan of baking? Don’t worry. Here are some snacks that are Thanksgiving-appropriate and maybe you should totally try yourself!

Get some candy corn, bugles and M&Ms along with this free printable tag from Cookie and Cups to create your own treat bag.

Bugle Cornucopias and a Thanksgiving Printable - Bugles and runts (gonna have to do this for the kids classes at church)

3. Pumpkin spice everything

From coffee to biscuits, from essential oil to moisturizer, pumpkin spice just makes this season the best of the year.

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