54 Cute Spring Date Ideas To Blossom Your Relationship

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Spring is officially here. With flower blooming all over the place, it’s time to hit that Pause button of Netflix and go outside!

Not all date night requires perfect makeup, a hiking suit or a restaurant booking. 

To make dates happen in this enchanting season, we’ve rounded 54 date ideas that you won’t want to miss this spring.

Whether you and bae are active adventure-seekers or the perfect homebodies, we’ve got you covered. 

11 Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas​ For Spring

Chase spring blooming in the woods

A spring break vacation

For college students, what can be more relaxing and romantic than an exotic trip to somewhere dreamy

Plan ahead and book plane tickets and hotels early to save more. Not enough budget to cross borders? Consider these 11 bucket list-worthy destinations in the US.

Spend a day on the farm

Go for a spontaneous road trip

No planning required. Pack some snacks and jump on your car. Let the road guide you. Roll down the windows and enjoy the flower-scented breeze.

If you have more time to spare, think about driving to a nearby town to spend a perfect date night.

Visit a botanical garden

Flowers are blooming in spring and paying a visit to the botanical garden will let you take a closer look at the wonder nature brings.

Wine tasting

A pizza date at the beach

Pizza is only shareable with our loved ones.

Buy flowers and spruce up the house

Dancing in the living room

Escape the city

Rent a car, pack some lunch and hit the road. With flowers blooming everywhere, it’s now the best time to answer nature’s calling.

Go to the game

Remember to grab drinks and snacks while cheering for you favorite team. Consider attending the local high school games that are less expensive than Super Bowl but may bring the same excitement.

14 Frugal Spring Date Ideas That Are Fun And Creative

Volunteer together

A frugal date idea with a greater cause. Think about volunteering at an animal shelter, an orphanage or a homeless shelter. 

Hop on to Volunteer Match or your local Facebook page for volunteer opportunities to give back to the community.

Climb out to your rooftop and cuddle

Have a picnic

Picnics are the best spring date ideas that cost almost nothing (except for drinks and some homemade goodies). The mild weather makes it possible to enjoy a picnic by the lake, in the park or simply in your backyard. 

If it’s still cold in your city, grab a blanket and share with bae.

Visit a local museum

Hold a yard sell

Since you have to get rid of the unwanted stuff anyway, why not throw a yard sell with your sweetheart? 

Pricing everything, printing out labels and setting up the sale, it’s the best chance to test your teamwork. And who knows, you may earn some unexpected bucks! 

Check out these helpful spring yard sale tips and plan ahead.

Indulge the night views on a Ferris Wheel

Visit a zoo

Animal lovers? Then you’ll love this daytime date idea. Compared to theme-parks, zoos usually have lower admissions. You can also check out available deals on Groupon to save even more.

See a local live show

As the weather gets warmer in spring, there’s less to worry about going to an outdoor show. Check with your local recreation department for the latest schedule. 

You may be surprised by the various performance available in your town. Some of them may even be free.

Go fishing

Challenge bae to see who has more skills (or luck). It’s also the perfect time for a social media detox. No cellphone, just the two of you in a tranquil setting waiting for an exciting moment.

A casual walk at the beach

To make it more exciting, collect seashells to DIY a wall art together. This way, a last-minute date turns into a memory to last. 

A photo booth date

Be playful, flirty or even dirty if you want to. Since no one else will know what happens in a photo booth, it’s the best time for your creative side to shine!

Spend a day reading in a bookstore

Go to the farmer's market

Don’t have a dinner-for-2 recipe in mind? Wandering in local farmer’s market may inspire you of something new. After a long winter, it’s the best time to load your fridge with some springtime produce.

Go to a drive-in movie theatre

This date idea is a classic alternative if you are bored by traditional movie night. You can even set up your own drive-in in the backyard. Happy cuddling!

15 Springtime At-home Date Ideas

Massage for each other

Looking for a date idea to rekindle the romance? Light up some candles, dim the lights and get ready for an intimate and romantic night.

Play Truth-or-Dare

Movie marathon

Make each other a dish for dinner

Tell each other one of your fantasies and realize it

Plant a garden in the backyard

Put together a care package for each other

Decorate Easter eggs

Since you have to do it anyway, why not get your sweetheart involved and inspire each other’s creativity?

Create a couple playlist

Do you have a favorite song that reminds you of a specific moment in the relationship? Put it in the playlist and have your Significant Other guess the meaning behind it. 

New couples will get to know each other better through this little song guessing game. If you’ve been together for long, this date will bring back the sweet, bitter and unforgettable memories that make your relationship complete.

DIY facial mask and put it on each other

If you are busy taking care of yourself, why not turning your self-care routine into a date night activity?

Work on a couple DIY project

Dancing in the living room

Bake cookies from scratch

Decorate the house for a spring party

Take an intimate hot bath

14 Active Date Ideas For Spring

Hit the trail

Drive to a national park or a nearby trek, preferably somewhere you’ve not been to. Bring your camera as well cause you’ll never know what nature has to offer.


Build a sand castle on the beach

Visit an escape room

Dancing in the living room

Do zip-lining (and try not to scream)

Play basketball together

Rediscover the city like a tourist

Visit Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor for the latest hotspots in town. And who knows. You may find a park, a church or a restaurant that have been under your radar. New adventures can take place in old places.

Hop on your bike for a springtime tour

Visit Disneyland

The Epcot Festival, spring parades and behind-the-seeds greenhouse tour, the seasonal specials will refresh your Disney memories.

If you are a diehard Disney fan, don’t forget to bring your Disney couple outfit for a day of wonders.

Participate in a workout session

Those who sweat together, stay together.

Swim in a heated pool

Warmer than the beach and cooler than a spa. Check with the local hotels or gyms to local a heated pool in town.

Go out for a casual walk

This is probably the best last-minute date idea to try in springtime. Pick a spot in your town that are packed with great natural scenes and enjoy the day strolling around with bae.

Go skateboarding

Hold your hands tight and help each other to master a new skill.

Voilà! Here are all the spring date ideas to try with your sweetheart. 

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Happy dating!

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