The gift that speaks – Free Printable Sound Wave Wall Art For Christmas

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Head’s Girlfriends, Christmas is just around the corner!

Have you picked the gift for your Significant Other? If not, we’ve got you covered. And the best part of it? 

You don’t really need to get “fancy” materials in advance. 

And you don’t even need to be a DIY guru at all.

happy christmas GIF

All you need is a piece of card stock paper and a photo frame. This is a printable wall art that can either be a gift for him or just a decoration to compliment your winter home.

We’ve always love things that convey a minimalist spirit yet sweet and unique. Once we stumbled upon the sound wave illustrations, the idea of creating a Christmas version popped into our mind.

So here you go. We’ve designed 3 different Christmas printables that tell different messages. Each of them is 14″x11″. 

Choose one that you love and print it out. Make it a gift for him or for yourself.

1. Merry Christmas

soundwave wall art todaywedate.com1

2. I love you

soundwave wall art todaywedate.com3

3. Oh Deer

soundwave wall art todaywedate.com2

If you’ve printed out, don’t forget to show it to us and tag us @todaywedate on Instagram!

Didn’t find what you want to say with soundwave arts or add in the name of your Significant Other in the art? Record what you want to say and customize yours here on Fiverr.

Happy printing!

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