16 Halloween Care Packages To Send To Your BOO

If your loved one is staying in college or deployed overseas this October, there’s still a way to share the spooky joy of Halloween together. That’s sending a fun-filled Halloween care package.

We couldn’t love Halloween enough. It’s the beginning of the holiday season and offers so many possibilities when it comes to putting together a care package. You can either make it cute, hilarious or straight-up scary. 

So here you go. We’ve gathered some of the best Halloween care package ideas as well as some inspirations for things to put in the package.

Feel free to save the ideas to check when you make your own.

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16 Creative Halloween Care Package Ideas

Holly Molly Spooky Care Package

Halloween care package

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If your Significant Other is bold enough and wouldn’t mind a jump scare, put in some spooky props to make your Halloween care package more “authentic”.

“Taste from home” Halloween care package

Send him a seasonal taste from home. Home-made cookies, sugar cone or pumpkin truffles…

Here are some free printable food tags and wraps that will make your treats more Halloween-ish.

Our silver tinsel drink stirrers from Republicofparty.com look great in this cute little TRICK-OR-TREAT box featured on http://chelseylifeanddesign.blogspot.com/

image source

I miss you boo care package

Halloween Care Package Box                                                                                                                                                                                 More


Long Distance Halloween Care Package

Halloween Deployment Care Package!

source: Pinterest

We ADORE this uniquely-decorated care package. To be more specific, we love the idea of putting the words at the bottom of the box. It will keep him surprised even after he empties the box.

“Slaying The Distance” care package

Care package from Mom

source: Imgur

It’s super bumping not being able to spend Halloween with bae. So send him something to show your attitude.

Zombie First Aid Kit

Don’t worry. He’s not going to be a zombie-bait when apocalypse arrives.

Zombie. Care Package. Military care package. October care package. Halloween. Walking dead. Boogers. Zombie immunity drink. Band aids. I promise I won't use you as zombie bait. Stay safe out there. Zombie outbreak. Zombie first aid


Demon in the box



Eye miss u boo care package

Creative Care Packages  {CCP} 在 Instagram 上发布:“"Sending my love some Halloween spirit 😊🎃 (it isn't just filled with candy 😂)" thanks for sharing @abbydubay ~MZ”


Trick-or-treat care package

Send him love and support from home by adding in energy drinks, beef jerky and snacks that guarantee a fast energy recharge.

Halloween care package for our soldier


This box is haunted

Halloween care package I made for my kid away at college- so much fun to make!


No trick, just treat

Halloween care package! Can be sent as a deployment care package, missionary care package, college care package, ect. In this one, I covered the bottom of the box in fake cobwebs, then put tons of different Halloween themed treats on top. I included his favorite candy, Zours, as well as caramel apple dip. In the box with the eyes (which I found at Michael's), I put a letter from me. I also included a grow your own pumpkin, since he won't be able to have a real one. Super simple!


Cute pumpkin package

A Halloween care package doesn’t always have to be scary or spooky. If you favor a cuter version, try putting in snacks and treats of yellow or orange color to create a fall care package instead.

Fall/Halloween Care package for college kids. Made this for my son. He & his friends love getting them. & They are super fun to make.


Phantom of the box

Let It Be.


Halloween treats in a box

Paper Paisley 在 Instagram 上发布:“Halloween is only 100 days away! 😱🎃💀 Do you love it or hate it?”


Cut-me-open spooky care package

Halloween care package is all about the presenting. This care package down below is a great example.

Wrap everything in red or pink paper and there you have a perfect skeleton-in-a-box.

Creative Care Packages  {CCP} 在 Instagram 上发布:“"I was going for the inside of a body if you can't tell haha. It was a good idea just didn't turn out the way i pictured it in my head…”


Fright-kenstein Halloween care package

Creative Care Packages  {CCP} 在 Instagram 上发布:“Featuring Michelle Suppes 🎃💕”


What to put in a Halloween Care Package

Halloween is all about having fun. You don’t need any particularly “Halloween-ish” items to put together your box. Feel free to play around with the decorations to make your box spooky.

With that said, here are a list of items that will make your care package more of an eye-catcher.

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25 items to put in a Halloween Care Package

1. Decorations

Meat Market Value Pack | Halloween Decor

U.S. Toy Painted Spiders : Package of 12, Black

2. “Tricks”

VANVENE Potato Chip Snake In A Can Gag Gift Prank Large Size for April Fools' Day and Halloween

Forum Novelties Grow a Boyfriend Novelty

3. “Treats”

4. Homemade Goodies

Here are some of the Halloween treats that are easy to make at home and can be packed in a box:

  • Happy little ghost cookies (Full recipe here)
  • Bat bites (Full recipe here)
  • Monster rice krispies (Full recipe here)
  • Witch finger pretzels (Full recipe here)

Happy Little Ghost Sugar Cookies – bite-sized, deliciously cute decorated sugar cookies that just scream sweetness with their happy little faces; you’ll be in the Halloween spirit with these ghoulish cutouts!

Monster Rice Krispies Treats

4-ingredient Bat Halloween Treats

Pretzel Witch Fingers! Large pretzels covered in white candy coating that just happen to look like witch fingers. They're very easy to make and perfect for any witchy party! | HomemadeHooplah.com

5. Games & Fun

Send your Significant Other your favorite Halloween games or handmade crafts so he’s not missing the fun.

  • A handmade galaxy  (Tutorial here)
  • Halloween bingo to play together via Facetime (Download free printable here)

Make a galaxy pumpkin and have one truly out of this world jack-o-lantern!

DIY Free Printable Halloween Bingo: Kiddos and adults alike will love this Halloween version of Bingo. Use candy as your markers, or if you’re having a more adult party, you can always turn the whole thing into a drinking game.

Have you created your Halloween care package yet? What will you put in it? Share with us in the comment.

Happy haunting!

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