105 Funny Valentine’s Day Printables To Surprise Your Sweetheart

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There are 2 types of people when it comes to gift-giving: wrapping the gift WITH or WITHOUT a greeting card. 

If you are the second type, we get it. It’s not always an easy thing to “compose” a greeting message, leave alone filling all the empty space in the card.

So we’ve sniffed around and gathered 105 amazing free Valentine’s Day printables that are going to do the talking for you (so you don’t need to).

The best part? These are not any traditional love card that drowns your bae with romantic quotes. They are funny, some are even hilarious. They can either be printed out as greeting cards to sneak into your Valentine’s Day gift, care packages or gift tags to compliment your homemade goodies.

Get your printer ready. Now onto the ideas!

Free funny Valentine's Day Printables

6 Hilarious free printable Valentine's day greeting cards

6 free printable funny valentines day cards todaywedate.com min

Click here to download

10 printable love notes that are so realistic that they stink

We enjoy the humor presented in the second line of each love note. Your SO is going to laugh his socks off once he spotted the best part. These funny and realist quotes include:

  • What I feel for you is so much more (than financial and family obligation).
  • You make me so happy (when you do the dishes).
  • I love you so much (that I learned to tolerate your snoring).
  • You are the reason why I get up in the morning (Just kidding. It’s the baby).
  • I am so glad that you are the father of my children (Because I need a break. I’m still in the tub).
  • Click here to see them all

5 smart and hilarious love quote cards

If you or your SO are a cat-person, these funny Valentine’s Day printables will make you laugh. These quotes are:

One in a million Valentine's Day printable greeting card

Witty single Valentine's day card

4 Funny food pun printable cards

These cute Valentine’s Day printables are perfect for your foodie boyfriend, hubby or your friends. They GOUDA love it!

Download the printable cards on Steve Calvart Art

50 Food pun printable tag

If you are scrolling Pinterest for some Valentine’s Day ideas for kids, these 50 food pun printables from Shari’s Berries are tailor-made for you. Use them as lunchbox notes to show how much they are loved!

8 Quirky comic love cards

"Never salted" printable

6 Single Valentine's Day Printable Cards

If your bestie is still single, these Valentine’s Day cards can be a perfect invitation for a Galentine’s Day. 

Check them out here

6 Fruity printable love cards

4 Free soda can Valentine's Day printable

3 funny foodie Valentine's Day printables

These cards are so ADORABLE! Ice-cream, chocolate and cookies are 3 things that no one can say no to. Check them out here on Printable Crush.

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