23 times when being single sucks

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There’s nothing wrong with not dating anyone. Being single with a standard is better than jumping out of the plane without a parachute. 

But there are times that being single sucks. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day…you name it. Even a regular party can hurt.

When you are tired of being single, remember that you are not the only one. Here are 23 totally relatable single memes to hopefully shake off your blues.

23 Times When Being Single Totally Sucks

When you post a photo with your crush and people are just being honest

Funny memes that show how being single sucks -TodayWeDate.com

Via Reddit

When you are too desperate to prove that you're not single

Avoid the mirror next time and you are good.

When you get absolutely no calls or messages

The bright side? Your phone probably dies way later than others.

When you give up hope

It won’t hurt if you don’t try in the first place.

When everyone brings a date to party

So you can have all the chips to yourself.

When dealing with dating apps over and over again

Your first reactions will never lie. When you are in a healthy and cheering relationship, getting a message from your Significant Other can brighten up the day. 

But if all it brings is pressure and fear, you will do so much better by yourself than staying trapped.

When Tinder premium is not enough to get you a date

But at least she tried.

Funny memes that show how being single sucks -TodayWeDate.com

Via Reddit

When you get friend-zoned by your crush

Being a great guy is never enough.

Funny memes that show how being single sucks -TodayWeDate.com

Via Reddit

When eating out alone

During family reunion

When your efforts pay off in a wrong way

At least he gets a goal body.

When you go to cookies for comfort

When you have absolutely no standard anymore

When you don't want any news about your crush

When being single gets you social media addicted

When going to a movie alone

Ticket for one, popcorn for two please.

When you forget the feeling of getting laid

Funny memes that show how being single sucks -TodayWeDate.com

Via Reddit

When you lose count of how long you've been single

When you blame your personality

When you stop asking yourself why

When it's Valentine's Day

When you hope to outlive the status of being single

When you are just there

“It’s just me myself and I.”

If you get a little too traumatized after seeing these dank single memes, here are 23 real sweet first date stories to fix your broken soul.

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